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    Hi to all:

    Wife and I will be at CSS 10/3-10/8. It will be our first visit to Jamaica. We will be re-newing our vows after 30 years of marriage. Needless to say, both of us are very excited. Hoping to spend lots of quality time at SSB, enjoying the moment.
    We are hoping to meet a nice couple that might take a few pictures during our short ceremony.
    We are also hoping to meet some folks traveling from England. My wife is an English citizen, and she always enjoys meeting up with some of her fellow Brits.


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    Default oct 2-9

    we'll see you there! wife and i are spending our 20th at CSS and are looking to enjoy Jamaica and AN for the first time. Congrats on 30 years. First drink is on me!

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    Congratulations, FuninJamica. You will really enjoy you celebration. Great choice! My wonderful wife and I will be at CSS for our 30th in late November and are really looking forward to our time on Sunset Beach. This will be our 5th trip to Sans Souci.

    I don't think you will have a problem finding folks to photograph your vow renewal. A couple of years ago, we "stood in" at a wedding for a bride and groom who needed "witnesses" for their ceremony. (Hi Stacey and Dedalion.) It was an honor, and really a tender moment for us to witness. I took a fair number of shots and e-mailed them to the newly weds. A great Couples moment to remember and cherish.

    In all likelihood, there will be more than a few Brits there at the same time as you. Good luck!

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    Thanks for the feedback. I believe we made the right choice.
    Only 8 days till paradise. YIPPEE

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