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    Default Late Sep. early Oct.

    Six days from our departure. Going to be a really busy week so I don't think we will be looking at the message board much from here on. I'm sure we will be able to sneak a peek every once in awhile. Any way we are doing the single digit dance finally!I've been waiting a whole year since our trip last year to say that. Safe travels to all who have communicated and we will see ya'll at the swim up bar Thurs. the 30th!!!

    I'm coming home!!!!!!

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    8 days from our departure, coming for the UK, newbies to CSA and Jamaica !! We will arrive Tuesday 28th. Look forward to meeting who ever is around for that two weeks !! Any Brits there at the same time ?? (Jamie & Ness)

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    Nessy, welcome aboard. We have a meet and greet scheduled for Thursday the 30th at 2:30 at the swim up bar. I do know that a couple from Ireland will be there. Hope to see you there.

    Kevin and Kim 9/25/10 - 10/6/10

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    Jamie & Ness,

    Make sure to go to the meet and greet on Thursday, Sept. 30th at the swim up bar at 2:30pm. We aren't Brits, but I love them. Hope to see you there. Safe travels.


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    Well this may be my last post before we leave. Wedding is in 2 days 12 hours and 35 minutes, so there is a lot to do. We head down on Monday which is only 5 days away, and we have messages scheduled for Tuesday morning...AHHHHH can't wait. Hope everyone has safe travels. See you all next Thursday at 2:30 at the swim up bar....CAN NOT WAIT....bye for now...

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    See you soon Kevin. Have a great wedding. Remember to enjoy the day as much as possible. We leave next Wednesday....yay!

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    Default Last day at work

    Leaving at noon. Finish packing tonight,catch the plane in the morning. OFF TO PARADISE!!!!

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    hey Wayne...Trouble was things after we left....?

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    Hey it was the same all the way through Fri. The sun came out Sat. the day we left. What a bummer.

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    Hey trouble give me a call. My email is

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    Hi all! We got diverted to CTI when we arrived on Sept 29th and after hearing that CSA got hit pretty hard we decided to stay at CTI. It definitely was way different than CSA, but we had a very fun and relaxing time. I'm so sorry that we missed the meet and greet and Dan and Cindy's wedding. I hope all of you had great vacations and maybe we'll see each other someday.

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