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    Default 8 days and counting

    oh my god only eight days to go and we will be back home in jamaica for 2 weeks and cant wait to feel the warmth,the sand between my toes and to see all our friends again this is our 10th trip to cn and we still cant get enough of it, its like a drug we still get a buzz even thinking about it!!! :

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    I know, I described our excitement as like being kids at Christmas. We do long countdowns, daydream about it every day and count down the hours!
    My husband and I will be back at CSA for our third trip in 26 days!

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    8 Days for us as well, coming from the UK, out first visit, recommended from a good friend who has been back 3 times !! Can't wait and hope to meet you guys !!

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    Only 8 days to go and we'll be in paradise. CTI here we come for the 5th year in a row. Can't wait to see eveyone again!!!!

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