My hubby(27) and I (28) were thinking about a Couples resort in November. I have read many comparisons and I am still having a hard time deciding but I think I am leaning towards CSA due to the beach location.

I was also wondering a few things.

1) Food - I viewed the "sample menues" on their site and became concerned with choices. Neither of us are seafood eaters, and we both are very "ordinary" when it comes to our palates and tastes. If we see an item and wish to have items excluded from a dish do you believe this will be a problem?

2) Pool - I notice there was drink service at the beach, I was wondering if there was also drink service around the pool?

3) Drinks - Are their drink menus at all/some of the bars? Do all bars have a wide selection of brand name alcohol?

4) Does anyone have anything they would liket oad about CN that you may feel would change my decision?

5)Do either one attract a younger crowd? Or does the age vary? We like to have fun and have a few drinks and not party animals but want ot make sure that this place won't frown upon us being younger and enjoying our drinks and having a good time (respectfully)

Thanks so much in advance.