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    Default CSA Sunsets

    OK folks This is a make it or break it question lol

    What time of year do you get sunsets over the water at CSS? I can appreciate the mountain sunsets, but I really want this as part of the "package" I'm planning for our 25th.

    We don't need nudges towards Negril for sunsets, trust me lol

    Thanks bunches!

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    Default OK, completely gapped in my original question

    I meant to title it CSS Sunsets I must have been tired when I posted. My apologies to all.

    But, I still want to know about the CSS sunsets

    Thanks again

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    At CSS, late April to late August (that's the "summer" span that we've been there, not sure how far out on either end it goes) has sunsets over the water. Though, the closer to August it gets, the closer the sunsets get to the mountains.

    For our Dec & Jan trips there, the sunsets have been over the mountains.

    Late April/early May CSS sunset:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset6.Sailboat_04.10.jpg
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    Late August CSS sunset:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset2_08.09.jpg
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    December CSS sunset:
    Name:  CSS.AN.Sunset7.Mtn_12.07.jpg
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    Thanks a lot Jackie it helps to plan for what you want. Great photos!

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