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    Default Want to book, but very scared!!!

    Hello to all,

    I just joined today and have truly enjoyed reading so many reviews. My hubby and I are thinking about Couples Negril or Couples Swetp Away. After researching them for over a year, I still am very scared to visit because of so many negative comments on tripadvisor and other sites about employees treating you like just another tourist and even belongings being stolen while you are in the water. One of the bigger questions is the Beach Vendors. Many people seem to be annoyed by them. I have realized through this process that I need to go with an open mind and remember that my experience will be unique to me. From many pictures on the message boards and tripadvisor, I don't see any types of umbrellas for a relief on the beach if I want to just cool off. Is this the same at all of the Couples resorts? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Some of the reviews on trip advisor have to be taken with a grain of salt..and then discarded. When we returned from our first trip with CN last year, I read the reviews just to see what someone could possibly find to complain about. I found a few complaints but truly no merit in them. Some people cannot be pleased. But if you really look, there are MANY more good reviews than bad. And if you look on here, you will find people who return year after year. The amount of repeat guests says something about the quality of the service, food, and everything that Couple's offers. After our first trip, actually during that first trip, we knew we would come back and are going back again this November. The beach vendors really are no problem at all. A simple no thank you and they will move on. Please don't let that or negative people keep you from what could really be the best vacation of your life. And if you're asking...I vote for Couples Negril! It is the most AWESOME place...56 days and counting to our return!

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    I would HIGHLY recommend Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril. I prefer CSA because it is a larger property and offers more activities. My husband and I have booked our 4th trip to CSA and will go back every year.
    It is my opinion that the employees at the Couples properties are the best that I have encountered. I say it is the Jamaican people that give the properties their charm. Everyone has always been extremely friendly and welcoming. When I have encountered rude people at a Couples property it has been the tourists, not the residents.
    Couples Swept Away is very laid back. We go to relax and enjoy ourselves. During the day we relax at the beach with a drink, take out the hobie cats or kayaks, and go snorkeling. We always schedule a sunset sail and glass bottom boat ride. In the evening we have a nice meal and then play at the piano bar and night club. You can be busy doing a lot of activities or busy doing nothing at all. There are pallapas (I hope I spelled that right) on the beach for shade. You can also grab a chair at the bar. They are all covered buildings.
    There are beach vendors that walk along the shore. There are only a few and are not nearly as pushy as in Mexico. My husband and I either just say "no thank you" or if we are laying out we don't look their way. They won't walk up to you if you are not interested. I have seen two vendors allowed on the beach at the same time (approx. 6-8 during the day). They allow a few vendors to set up tables in the evening in an area by the pool. They are not pushy at all.
    I have learned over the years (I used to be a travel agent) not to always trust Trip Adviser. There are a lot more people willing to complain about a destination than compliment it after returning from a trip (other than on the Couples Message board-which is a wonderful source of infomation).
    The one thing that always impresses me about the visitors at the Couples properties is the amount of times everyone has stayed at each property. There are always a lot of people at the property that have been there multiple times! I talked to a couple that had been there twenty times!
    Don't be scared to book a Couples property. They are wonderful resorts!

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    Your concerns do not sound like the complainers stayed at a Couples resort. We have been to all 4 resorts and we have NEVER felt like a tourist, room number, any of those things, we have always felt like family being welcomed home.

    There are days that we are in the water more than we are out of the water. We have never had any issues with our items being stolen. We even leave our stuff on our chairs when we head in to get food.

    The beach vendors are not annoying, in fact they can be a lot of fun. Tell them you are not interested, but talk to them, find out about them! You will find out lots about Jamaica and her people from the beach vendors.

    With TA and the other opinion boards you must take the good with the bad, weigh the good with the bad and see which floats to the top. With Couples there will be 1 negative review out of 10. 90% of the people who go can not be wrong and Couples repeater rate is HUGE! So many repeat guests would not be returning if Couples was not awesome.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I'm very surprised to hear that there are postings on tripadvisor regarding the employees or theft. I know there are people that don't enjoy Couples and that's fine, we are all different and besides, if everyone did love Couples, there wouldn't be any room for us!
    We have been to CSA twice and are going back in 27 days for trip #3! We actually discussed going somewhere else this year, only to be able to visit different areas of the Caribbean, but when I investigated other resorts they simply did not live up to Couples and I couldn't find one thing that made me want to book anywhere else, both in terms of price and amenities. It truly is that wonderful. The staff are amazing, they are friendly, accommodating and will bend over backwards for the guests. I have not heard of anyone getting something stolen while they were in the water, but having said that, theft occurs anywhere and it's not the fault of Couples, but rather some dishonest and criminal guests. The beach vendors add character, in my opinion. They are not bothersome, and oftentimes will just give you a big smile and a thanks when you tell them you're not interested.
    As for the umbrellas, at CSA they have some palapas, but we've never been up early enough to grab one, and truthfully, there is more than enough shade on the beach that you don't need one. I did read on the MB that they have increased the number of palapas and people were noting it was easier to get them.
    I hope that helps.
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    We made our 12th visit to Couples Negril this past February and as soon as I could, I booked trip # 13. That's the best recommendation I can give.

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    If you don't want to mess with a ton of vendors I would recommend CN. They are in a smaller bay, so less vendors walking up and down the beach. You can basically ignore them, and besides the call from the jet ski guy they don't make a lot of noise either. The beach at CN has a ton of trees that you can lay under for shade, and there is a little self serve bar on the beach just in case you need a little extra in the drink that the staff bring you when you place your flag up next to your chair. The staff are great, and very accommodating. The beach is beautiful, nice to walk in, and the resort is small and the pool is fantastic. We have left our belonging on the beach at CN while playing around in the water. No problems with theft. We put our stuff in a tote bag and stuff it under a towel under the lounge and not one have ever messed with out stuff. I say do it.

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    My wife and I have traveled throughout the Caribbean and Mexico, and have never stayed at the same hotel/resort twice. I have never had a desire to go to Jamaica, and the only reason we did was because we were running out of new places to go. Boy am I glad we did! February of 2011 will be our third trip in a row to CN. Below is our experience at CN.

    The vast majority of the staff is very friendly and we have never felt like a room number.

    Theft (or the lack there of)
    Returning to the room after being gone all day I realized that I forgot to shut the door to our in room safe and the door to the closet was wide open. There was over $600 in cash, my work laptop, passports…… Nothing was touched and every cent was accounted for. Also I have never had any worries of leaving our things on the beach.

    One of my fondest memories is falling asleep on the beach to the sound of the musicians that travel the beach. In the 17 days we have stayed at CN a beach vendor has never approached me.

    On our last visit CN was full for 5 of the nights during our stay, and we never had a problem finding a beach chair or shade. I usually do the 9am dive so most morning we didn’t get to the beach until 10:30 or later.

    Hope this helps.

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    just to put your mind at ease what you should remember is that some people are never happy and just love to moan!!! we are going to cn on the 27th for 2 weeks this will be our 12th visit to couples our 10th to cn,the beach venders will come you , to sing to you or try and sell you something but if just let them know you dont want anything they will just leave you alone NO PROBLEM MON, as for theft on the beach i always leave my bag there (never a problem) just dont believe all you read, go and find out for yourself you sure will love the hotel, beach and the fantastic staff.ENJOY

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    Quote Originally Posted by voiceangel View Post
    Hello to all,

    I just joined today and have truly enjoyed reading so many reviews. My hubby and I are thinking about Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. After researching them for over a year, I still am very scared to visit because of so many negative comments on tripadvisor and other sites about resorts? Any advice would be appreciated.
    ....We went to CN last November for my daughter's wedding. Going to CSS in a few more weeks. These boards will give you straight answers. The CN staff was great. The few beach vendors were no problem. If you don't want their wares, don't approach them. There are some shaded areas, providing beach hogs don't stake them out. But most people on the beach, want to sun anyway. Sign up for which ever resort turns you on without fears. You're gonna love it.

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    Trust what your gut tells you, as for making a decision which...and remember, whichever property you choose, you can do a trading places day at the other, free, with free transport...our fav is CN...all the beach shade you could ever want, without umbrellas or palapas cause it's natural, minimum vendor hassles, and more privacy for a "public beach" than CSA..although I can say after visiting CSA that it is also beautiful
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    Default Ditto

    We went on our 6th trip to Couples in April and while there we booked #7! We love CSA (3 trips) for its large beach, private rooms and tropical feel. We did visit CN for the day but don't care for the more compact layout....we go to be with each other, not be part of a social scene. So it's really about what YOUR preferences are. Beach vendors were never a problem, especially since we like chairs in the shade. The vendors stay near the water (which is public) while the shade is closer to the sidewalk (which is private). There is plenty of natural shade as well as the bars, etc, to escape the sun. The water is AMAZING, the staff is great, yada, yada, yada. One really nice thing about Couples is that you are a guest to everyone...not a "premier guest", or "butler service guest", or "concierge guest", or even the "big tipper guest". No tipping and no differing levels means every guest is equally important to staff. Yes, repeaters get some lovely perks, and may be remembered by a staff member (or not), but we don't get preferred restaurant seating or reserved palapas or any other preferential treatment...and that is a good thing.

    Bottom line...FEAR NOT! Try it with an open mind and remember that if it isn't nirvana, you don't have to come back.......but you will! Best wishes whatever you decide.

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