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    Default Trading Places and Spa

    We're headed to CSA in less than 9 weeks! So excited! We're planning on doing the Trading Places to check out CN since we're repeaters and Romance Reward members.

    Can you use the spa at the resort you're doing the Trading Places at? Isn't there a tree house or something at CN? I would love to set a couples massage up for my husband and I for a surprise for our anniversary. If we can do that, does it cost extra to do the massage in the tree house?


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    You can only use the spa at the resort you are staying at (CSA) You won't be able to book a massage at CN on a Trading Places day pass.

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    No, you can not do any activity that requires a reservation.
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    You can not use the spa services at the resort you are visiting.
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    Thank you!

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    I bet if went to the spa with credit card in hand and they had an opening, you could get a treatment. I don't know if this would be prohibited or not, but it couldn't hurt to try, unless Randymon says otherwise.

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    It's really not a big deal, just wondered if it was a possibility. We're just excited to be back to Couples in a few weeks!!

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