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    Default What type room to choose GHVS or GVS?

    We have booked our very first Jamaica vacation for December 1 - 6th and really don't know which room type I should choose - the only 2 categories were Great House Verandah Suite OR Garden Veranda Suite. I picked the GHVS simply because I didn't know if it was going to be too long a walk to the beach if we were in the way back by the road (which is where the GVS's are, right?), or the 2 pictures of the GVS's confused me - one has a huge, tiled floored verandah (gorgeous) and the other pic had what looked like a simple balcony. The GVS was only $60 more for the whole stay. I have read a lot of the threads that GHVS is big and nice view and right up front and close to things, but in a more "hotel-like" building. But I cannot find any photos really of what the veranda of the GHVS looks like, and wonder if it is like a regular balcony or if we should change our reservation to the GVS and hope that it is one of the ones with the big tile verandah? Sorry for the long post - I tend to be overworried with silly details, but it's our first trip like this after 34 years of marriage. Got to stop overthinking! But if anyone has ideas or photos you can direct me to, I'd love it.


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    My husband and I have been to CSA twice, with trip number 3 coming up in October. The last 2 years we stayed in the GHVS and it was a lovely room with a really nice balcony. The balcony is large, with a tiled floor and has a rocking chair, couch and table. I'd sit out there in the morning with coffee or in the evening with a book.
    I hope that helps,

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    We are booked for a ghvs next April and have stayed in the gvs once.It's a 2 minute walk to the beach from the gvs and I wouldn't hesitate to book that suite again in the future.You will have a view of the beautiful gardens.You will probably have a view of the sea and the pool and swim-up bar area in the ghvs.I think the verandahs are about the same size. The ghvs are more hotel-like as they are in the large great house and are very close to the sea also.I have stressed over this before too and either one will be great, it all depends if you want to be in a more hotel-like building or not.We are going to try it for the view and the close proximity to everything.Whatever you decide, there really is not bad room at CSA.Trip #4 can't come soon enough!

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    Default Never Mind!! Question Answered!

    I spent the afternoon searching through the threads and my question is answered! The room that I fell in love with is the Garden Verandah Suite which is on a corner on the first floor - I understand that the ones on the corners have the pretty shutters behind the bed, and all of them I think have the dark wood on the verandah. I am thinking of switching to that from the Great House Verandah Suite since I think we would rather be farther away from the very front of the resort. And it's only $60 more for the whole package anyway. But like everyone has said, it really doesn't matter much, it's going to be incredible!


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