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    Default CTI Restaurant Decisions...What would you do?

    When would you prefer to dine at 8 Rivers? Let's pretend that you arrive at CTI on a Saturday as a repeat guest to Couples but a first timer to CTI. You have been considering your dining choices for Monday and Saturday. It looks like most (if not all) restaurants are closed on Saturday for the Poolside Gala and again on Monday for the Beach Party. You are hoping to dine at 8 Rivers once during your week long stay.

    Assuming that you could get a reservation for 8 Rivers on Saturday (the same day you arrive), would you choose a dinner there over the Poolside Gala? You'd have the option to eat at 8 Rivers on Monday if you attend the Repeaters Dinner. You've never attended a Repeaters Dinner before at any Couples resort. So, similarly, would you choose a dinner at 8 Rivers for the Repeaters Dinner over the Grand Beach Buffet and hope to catch the post-buffet entertainment after the Repeaters Dinner?

    Maybe you'd be better off trying to go to 8 Rivers on Sunday, as it will be your birthday and attend both the Poolside Gala and the Beach Party.

    Perhaps you are over thinking this and should just go with the flow and decide when you get

    What to do, what to do? Hmmmm? What do you decide to do?
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    We skipped the repeaters dinner last week and did the beach party. After doing repeaters for 5 years, it was an AWESOME choice, and I couldn't be happier about doing it.

    The gala vs 8 Rivers...tough one. We liked the gala (thanks to all who wore swim trunks and flip flops with their cutoff shirts...), but would have preferred a night at 8 Rivers in hindsight.

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    No question about Monday, we would choose the Repeater's Dinner at 8 Rivers over the Beach Buffet. The Beach Buffet isn't that exciting, and the special dinner at 8 rivers is fabulous. Plus, you can still catch most of the Beach Party entertainment.

    As for Saturday, I hear the food at the gala is good, but since they no longer have it poolside, we usually opt to eat somewhere else that night.

    Hope this helps!

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    I would go to the repeaters dinner on Monday and then schedule another night for the restaurant menu. You may find yo're too tired to really enjoy it on the saturday night. If you go to the buffet you can leave whenever you fee you need to. 8 rivers is a restaurant where you want to take your time.

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    This one is easy!
    The repeaters dinner is held at 8 Rivers, no problem!

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