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    Default Any mass couples wanna plan a trip?

    My wife and I are located in central mass(worcester). We are planning a trip for our 1 year anniversary this coming May. Anyone else thinking of going in this time frame?

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    Hello mdionne: My wife and I are from salem. What resort are you planning on.We have been to COR/CTI 7 times and back to CSS in late April for our 2nd time. We started going to couples in 1984 and just can not think about going any place but there for vacation. Congrats on your 1 year and if you have any questions let me know and I will give you my e-mail. Dave and Linda

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    We're not planning on May but we are in Auburn and go to Couples every October. We've been to CTI 5 times CSS 2 and CN 1 time. Next year will be trips 9 & 10, CTI for 2 weeks in October and 4 days at CSA over Thanksgiving, completeing all the Couples Resorts. Once you've booked your trip, go to the meet up thread and post. You'll meet people before you arrive. Have a great time, whichever resrt you chose and have a wonderful anniversary.

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    we are from Rutland Mass and will be there April 19-26th

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    hello tm9243: small world we are from salem ma. and going same exact days as you folks. which resort are you going to. we fly out of boston I think around 8 am thru miami into m.b. might be on same flight. dave and linda

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    We are going to Negril, boston 5:30AM!!!!

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    hello again tm9243: looks like we will miss you guys at both the resort and flight. we thought about the 5:30A.M. flight but we have no trust in the miami layover times, we thought the change over was a little tight in between. I'm sure you guys will be fine my wife says I way over think things. oh well after 27 years she is used to it by now. enjoy your vacation maybe see you guys on the other side of island one of these days.

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    We are going to Charlotte, not Miami so let see how that is. Come to the pool bar for a drink!!!!!

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    Default We're from Ware

    We are going March 23-28 SR. We really are hoping we get either CN or CSA but i'm sure we'll be happy with anything we get. Wicked excited! Our first time.

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    Small world we are from Rutland Ma, going in April to CN can't wait

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    Default Another Mass Couples Couple

    Ken and I live in Pepperell Mass. We were married at CN in 2004 and return every year for our anniversary. We'll be at CN from March 23 - April 2. Can hardly wait to get HOME AGAIN - this will be our 9th visit! Ahhhh sweet Jamaica! See ya real soon

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    Thumbs up

    Richie and Sylvia here. We're from Medford and going back to CTI for our 31 visit. April 21-May 3 Just can't get enouigh of that place.
    There is also a New England Par-ta being put together. We haven't decided on a place or time but this meet-up spot will be a good place to keep folks updated. As time goes on I can keep you all in the loop. Hi to Dave and Linds a.k.a. Lamdam

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    hello richie: hope you are enjoying the old photos from 1984 we gave you couple years ago. as you know by now after 26 years and 7 trips to COR/CTI we went to CSS last year and fell in love with the place. It was so hard leaving the many friends and staff from CTI but something about CSS just hooked us.our dates cross this year so we will for sure see you either us doing a day trip to CTI or your group coming to CSS on a day trip. we will talk as we get closer to see what is best. good to hear from you and look foward to a drink with you soon. best wish's Dave and Linda

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    Default From Leominster

    My husband and I booked the secret rendezvous package and it looks like we will be in CTI 3/23 - 3/30. With all the snow we have had this year, we gave in and booked the trip. Ahhh, yah mon!

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    We are hoping the same thing, we are booked 3/26-4/2! Would like to get CSA for the amazing beach!!!

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    We are also from Ma and going to swept away april 13th

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    Anyone else from Mass going in May 2013 to CTI???

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    Default Before you go check us out

    Quote Originally Posted by tm9243 View Post
    Anyone else from Mass going in May 2013 to CTI???
    Come on down and join your Couples friends from ME,VT,CT,NH, and MA at our yearly gathering being held in Providence RI!

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    I was there with my partner in last April and had great fun. Mount Greylock if you're into nature and hiking
    Duck Tours a good way to see city but dress warm.
    private rentals gold coast
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    154 more days to CTI for this Mass Couple!!!

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    I am from Wellesley MA but live in Brooklyn NY. (Go Pats!) Just saw this thread and thought I would say hello. Not going during your time frame. Have to wait until January 2014 for our very first trip to Jamaica and to an all inclusive. Hope to see some fellow Mass/New Englander's there at that time! Have a great trip all of you. See you at CSA/CN! Yeah Mon!

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    I am from Australia and I would like to book a tour through the Florida everglades. I cannot seem to find how to do that on the web. Anyone have any good web sites for the Florida everglades. Any one advised me about it .

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    First time for us to CN check in 3/30 to 4/6 from N Reading

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    Any and all from New England drop me an e mail about the annual Couples party we have here in your can be guaranteed a time to remember. Good times, great acquaintances renewed, lots of fun, surprises, and guests make it a wonderful and memorable gathering. Coming soon..... September 2013 will be the 5th year for us!

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    I should have checked this post earlier. I never realized how many New Englander there were. And Keven was right, contact him for a great New England Couples Par-taa in Providence R.R. in September. We have a great time. Next year will be our 6th annual. Come on down.

    We'll be at CTI April 22-2 See you on the rock.

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