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    I have always flown Delta but it was a better deal flyinc Contential and leaving from Regan, layover in Houston and then onto Jamaica. Anyone have any comments?

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    We flew Continental last year and will again next month. We had a brief scare last year when we got a call in the middle of the night saying that our flight dates had been changed. Our connecting flights from Houston to Jamaica and and then returning from Jamaica to Houston were moved to the day BEFORE our departure flights.... WTF !!! This was because they had reduced their number of flights to and from Jamaica and were no longer flying on the days we were arriving and departing. Somehow they didn't see a problem with the changes they had made...... Luckily, I was able to change our arrival and departure dates at CSA to match Continental's schedule. Other than that, I really have no complaints, and did save over other carriers. One suggestion, though.... Check you reservations online every so often. It seems that seat assignments are randomly changed at times. I have already had to change our seats twice to get us back sitting together.
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    We always fly Continental....LOVE IT! We flew it when we lived in Tennessee and went to Jamaica and always fly it now that we live in Houston. It's a great airline.

    But Markandjannett is correct because last year, Continental cut back their daily flights to MBJ and only flew on Thursdays through Sundays. We go in April every year, we have already booked Couples for next year, but won't book our flights until October at the earliest.
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    As long as you are connecting through Houston, you should be in good shape. Connecting through Newark on Continental can be a nightmare if there is a single drop of rain, the entire airport backs up and taxi times can be as long as 2 hours. I know - I just experienced it on Tuesday.

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    I have good luck flying Continental in the states. Look at the cost of the baggage, Continental is $20 for first, $30 for second bag. ($100.00 per person round trip). Delta is two bags free to Jamaica.

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    I agree. We live near Houston and Continental through Houston is usually a safe bet. We flew out earlier this summer and actually left on a Wednesday (June 3) and returned on a Friday (June 12). Definitely keep watching their site. We have booked CTI for June 2010, but not our flight. They have flights on the days we are scheduled to arrive and leave right now for $400 per person RT. I will probably book in October, for some reason, their fares take a little dive around then.....maybe $30 to $40 per person. Hey, every little bit helps!! Also, I have seen threads asking about websites for cheapest fares....I have always booked through Continental dot com. Other sites start lower, but when taxes, fees, etc., are all added in Continental's site is always cheaper....just food for thought and NO I don't work for Continental.
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    We are leaving in 2 weeks (August 5). We live in Houston and are flying Continental. One thing I was really excited about is they have a non-stop flight to MBJ. We flew Continental to Vegas back in April and I loved it - we had absolutely no problems. Since Houston is a Continental hub, they have their own terminal in Houston, and everything went really quickly for us in April.

    A response to another post on here - according to Continental's website, they do NOT charge baggage fees for international flights. There is a statement specifically directed towards caribbean destinations, and those are NOT included in the baggage fees (at least as of last week when I checked).

    Have a great trip! I know we're looking forward to ours!!!

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    We just got back and used Continental. Welllll, they lost our luggage on way home. Got it the next day. Flights were late, they changed gates right at the last minute. SOO pretty much just be prepared for things to maybe happen and if they dont its a nice surprise. Bring a carry on with you when you leave with bathing suit, shorts, tshirt, flipflops, just in case. No matter what airline with all the cut backs, flights are packed, they are always asking you to take the next flight and switch seats and we had to pay 50 bucks due to our luggage went over 3 pounds going back to USA. UGH

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    I was a little incorrect in what I posted . . . for international trips, there is no baggage charge for the FIRST checked bag (per person). So, if can manage 1 checked bag each (which shouldn't be too difficult) you won't have to pay any baggage fees.

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    Default Don't fly continental

    We had absolutly the worst experience I have ever had in over 40 years of flying. We were the first flight out of Denver and we were delayed. Got to Houston and were shifted gates 6 different times for no reason. Our connecting flight never left Austin. It has been recommended to us to fly Delta as they have multiple flights in and out of MBAY each day. If your carrier is one shot and done, you get to wait until the next day.

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    We always fly Continental and never have any problems. What is really nice is in Houston, they have a President's Club where you can relax and food/snacks included. They have a TV room and lounge chairs. They also have private showers. If you fly first/business class, it is included. If not, there is a charge per person. Our layover both ways is usually 3 hours, so it is a nice place to go while waiting for the flight. I am not sure the cost pp because we fly business class when we go to Jamaica.

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    I HATED Continental! Will fly anything but from now on. Booked mine and my husbands seats next to each other for our honeymoon and somehow we ended up on opposite ends of the plane when I checked the net. They said it must've not went though and all we could do is get on the net 24 hours before the flight and try to get exit row or handicap seats together. That's not even the half of it. It was just a mess. No Continental.

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