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    Default We'll be at TI 09/28/10-10/07/10 will you?

    Hey just checking to see if anyone else we know may be at TI the same time we will be there.Checking in on Tues 09/28/10 and checking out Thurs. 10/07/10. The Hancocks from Bangkok are returning for our 5th year in a row. We're not really from Bangkok, just Virginia. Ainsworth that used to work at TI gave us that name our first year. Unfortunately he doesn't work at TI anymore but there are plenty of other staff that we are anxious to see. Please respond if you will be there this same time. We met these 4 couples from SC at Sans Souci,the year TI was closed for their marvelous renovation. They all said that they were hoping to rendezvous back at TI in 2010. So we are hoping to see all them again. We had alot of fun with them. A couple of them even attended our wedding on 10/01/08. Can't wait to meet new friends and we'll be seeing new and old friends in only 13 days!!! Can't wait!!!

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    Default See you soon

    Hey, Only 11 more days and we will see you in Charlotte. Can't wait. We will have to celebrate our wedding anniversaries together. Can't wait to see all our friends we met last year at TI and hopefully meet some new ones. We have already booked for next year. See you soon. Bob Marley anyone???

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