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    My husband and I are wanting to schedule a romantic trip to one of the couples resorts to renew our wedding vows. We have had a rough few years but have committed to rebuilding our relationship. We plan to schedule the trip in December or January. We would love any suggestions as to which resort we should select.

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    You can't go wrong with any Couples resort. Each has its own personality. We prefer Couples Negril beacuse of the beach area and the way the resort is laid out in addition to the normal GREAT Couples staff and food. We will back for our forth time Sept 19. We have been to all of the Couples and just like the more laid back feeling of the Negril area. If you want to do a lot off the resort you would probably be better off at Tower Isle or Sans Souci. If you are into fitness your best bet is Swept Away. I think the most romantic is Swept Away with all the little garden areas to get lost in but if you want Au Natural you wont find it at Swept Away. You will LOVE any Couples you go to!!!

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    We have been to 3 of the Couples resorts and each has its charm but my gut reaction to your request is Couples Sans Souci.
    There are all sorts of winding paths, and little hidden areas. If you are renewing your vows, they have a little gazebo on the cliffs that is breathtaking. And it would be a perfect spot for a private, romantic dinner.
    It is very easy at times to feel like you are the only ones there.

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    We have been to CTI and CN in December. I think the weather on the west coast of Jamaica is nicer that time of year. I would choose Couples Negril.

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    We like CSA but are going to try CSS too. We did a vow renewal at CSA and it was wonderful.

    We initially picked CSA because we really wanted to stay in an Atrium suite. We love those rooms so much. It feels like your own private bungalow. We hardly ever saw anyone else so it seemed so private. It didn't feel like a hotel at all and that is exactly what we were looking for. We love all the activities and food at CSA. No matter which one you choose it will be great. One thing you might want to think of is the time you want to have your renewal. The sun sets over the water on the Negril side (CN and CSA) and a lot of people like to have a sunset wedding or one later in the day so they can do photos at sunset.

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    COMMITTED, anyone of the couples could be right, they are all romantic in their own way.
    You need to determine if there is some criteria important to you; that one resort has over the others.

    Personally we love CN. While we are very blessed to have had a great marriage , for our 27th anniversary we went to CN and I know we are even stronger. To us it was the most relaxed and romantic place we have ever been to. A vacation where we could connect with each other and retain fond memories. Sure we dont always agree, but our happy word is CN and neither of us stays mad too long..
    enjoy reconnecting whichever you choose.


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    Default What's important to you?

    Hi Committed,

    First of all, congratulations on choosing Couples Resorts. As a oft-time repeater, here's my take on it. What's important to YOU?

    If you're looking for an au natural experience, then Tower Isle has the private island, and Sans Souci has the Sunset Beach. They're more private than Couples Negril's AN beach.

    If you're looking for a really long stretch of white sand beach to walk on, then Swept Away will amaze you.

    If you're looking for laid back, relaxed, and a bit bohemian, then Couples Negril will be perfect for you.

    Swept Away's sports complex is very comprehensive, with the lap pool and racquetball courts, in addition to workout room and equipment.

    If you're looking for a resort that has all-day room service, only San Souci has that option.

    I believe Couples Negril has the largest pool, if you're not beach people.

    Swept Away's spa is awesome, and air conditioned.

    You'll experience the same high level of great food, service and friendliness at all of the resorts.

    As you can see, they all have their own charm and personality. Look at all the photos and video links you can, read this message board, and choose the one your heart calls to.

    Let us know which one you decide.


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    First, congratulations on your commitment to your relationship. My wife and I have had a couple of rough years as well (our parents were killed in a car accident together). To rekindle our romance, we have chosen to go to CTI in October. It will be our first time as well. Both of us are constantly talking about it and even just booking the vacation has done wonders. I will be able to report more after October 17th. :-)

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