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    I am still not giving up hope that someone will want to play handball or racquetball anytime between Oct. 5-15th at CSA. I know I have a backup with the tennis pro. Thanks!

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    Only a minority of guests actively post on the MB. There are many who read the MB but never post, and there are many, many more who don't even know about it.

    That no one on the MB who plays handball or racquetball will be staying at CSA the same week that you'll be there doesn't mean anything.
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    Redsox - (and yes, I know I posted before...) as soon as you get there, go to the courts and look at the sign in sheet on the R-Ball/Squash courts. Put your name down. Then, first thing every a.m., check the sign-in sheets. Many guests put down their name and then Jamaica-itis takes over, and they never check the sheet again. Odds are you will find someone to play with for at least a day or two... they may not be at your level, but you'll find someone.

    I tried to talk DH into scheduling a trip for that week to accommodate you, but alas, since I'll be fresh off of the Chicago marathon the weekend before,and he'll be on a biz trip, no dice. I'm lookin' out for ya tho.
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    Thanks Vee,
    Good luck in the marathon! Thanks for trying to get your husband to meet up for a game. Maybe one day we will be there at the same time. We are also booked for 11/8/11.

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