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    My husband and I are doing a late honeymoon March 15-20,we are flying our of Regan and have a layover in Houston and then onto Jamaica. Any advise on flying, my husband has not and Ive never had to switch planes. Also anyone going to be traveling on those dates, we are from Virginia. I cant wait!

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    No worries on switching planes! When you get off in Houston, just go to the nearest monitor to see what gate your connecting flight is at (the flight attendants can also tell you, but it's a good idea to double check in case it has changed). Then just sit and wait for your next flight to board. It's easy! Houston is a big airport (we live here) so it's possible you might have to take the tram to get to a different terminal. Just follow the signs and you'll be fine.

    And since you've never flown or switched planes, I thought I'd give you a quick overview on what to expect when you land in Jamaica. Right before the descent, the flight attendants will pass out the Immigration/Customs form. They will tell you it's one per family, but it's actually one per person (they changed this in Jamaica but word hasn't gotten to the airlines yet). You will need your passports and a pen to fill these out. No worries if you don't because you can fill them out once you get off the plane prior to getting in the immigration line. It just saves times to do it on the plane.

    When you de-plane, you will go directly to Immigration. This is when you show them your passports and form. Then you will go to baggage claim and retrieve your checked bags. Most of the time, by the time you get through Immigration, your bags will be off the belt sitting to the side. Then you will go straight to Customs. You should go to the "Nothing to Declare" line and again show them the form. Once you get through customs you are home free! Just follow the way to the airport exit until you see the Couples lounge. Once there, your vacation has begun and Couples will take care of everything!! Just make sure to have some small bills in your pocket to tip the baggage handlers and bus driver (they are not Couples employees).

    Here's a picture of the lounge.

    PS - You will LOVE CSA!!!!
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    My wife and I have been to CSA twice and will be returning the same week that you will be there (starting the 14th of March). It will be our third trip to CSA. Based on your email, my guess is that you haven't been to the Caribbean much... the first time we went to swept away was the first time we had been to the Carribean. One thing to remember... you are starting near the top. If you go to other resorts you'll find it's pretty much downhill. You will love it here.

    Just relax and drink it all it all in. You're in for the trip of your lives. BTW, make sure you get a drink and walk on the beach after dark. There is <almost> nothing more peaceful and enjoyable.

    One other thing.... March is a great time to go to Negril. All of this talk on the board about weather... forget it.... the weather will be perfect.

    One last thing. Sign up for Romance Rewards. My wife and I went to the returning guests dinner the last time we were there and it was unbelievable. Yes the food was great, but the conversation with folks who had been there a lot was even better. Should you go back a second time, you'll really want to do this.

    Have fun!

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