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    Default CSS Rooms and Timair, 1 week out!


    My bride to be and I are getting ready to go on our honeymoon to CSS, and we are both super excited. We do have a few concerns and questions however as we have been viweing the msg board. Your help is appericated. I have tried to post under original threads, but I have had no sucess... so I am starting my own!

    #1) Read a thread a while back a post that said smoking was allowed in the rooms at CSS. Is this allowed in all rooms on the resort? Are there some rooms that are non-smoking? My wife to be and I are allergic to smoke, and this would be something we would need to fix before arrival.

    #2) We are thinking about taking TimAir to get a birds eye view of the Island, and were wondering if the Couples Shuttle will transfer our bags for us so we do not have to take them on the flight?

    I would appreciate all ya'lls help! Can't wait to get home and enjoy some CSS!!

    Scott in Kansas

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    I have asthma, and cigarette smoke is a big trigger for an asthma attack for me. Yes, all of the rooms at CSS are technically smoking rooms. However, when we were at CSS last January, I did not notice any smokey smell in our room. I think it is because there is no carpeting or heavy draperies to hold the smell. I really do not think it will be a problem for you.

    We flew TimAir from MoBay to CSA this year. We just took our bags on the plane with us. I'm not sure why you would want the bags to go on the shuttle. There is no issue with getting them to the TimAir plane. We had a fair amount of baggage, too, since we were staying 10 nights.

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    Smoking is allowed, as is typical outside of the U.S. and Western Europe, but I wouldn't get too hung up on it. Most of the guests come from America or the U.K. and tend to be considerate. We smoke not in the room but on the balcony, and we move away from "crowds" (if one can really use that term at CSS) or away from people who aren't smoking. Of course, this doesn't guarantee that everybody behaves this way, but as was stated above, it hasn't seemed a problem for those who take issue. If the room nonetheless does smell of smoke, just inquire politely with the desk, and I'm sure you'll be accommodated.

    (As a bit of an aside, I'll mention that there's really no such thing as a smoke allergy. What you and your wife have is a sensitivity to a chemical irritant, not a reaction to an allergen.)

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    You are much better off taking your bags on the flight. If you take TimAir, make sure you reserve ahead of time, that way there will be a plane and pilot waiting for you at Montego Bay airport. When you get through customs, push the cart with your bags on it to the TimAir kiosk. One of you check in with TimAir, and one of you go to the Couples Lounge. Check in at the Couples Lounge, and tell them you are taking TimAir so they don't miss you on the bus. Also tell them to tell the resort that you will need transportation from the little Ocho airport to the resort. Do yourself a favor and pre-program the CSS main number in your phone so when you get to the Ocho airport you can call CSS and tell them you are there.

    Then, follow the TimAir guy with your bags to the plane. If you want a good view of CTI, make sure you request that from your pilot. Our TimAir pilot banked the plane so I got some good shots. Whoever is the best photographer should sit on the right side of the plane. Depending on the plane, you might both be able to sit on the right side (one in the co-pilot seat, one right behind). However, there is no guarantee that you will be the only passengers.

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    I am asthmatic (severely) and my husband's throat closes when he smells cigarette smoke so we are both VERY sensitive to cigarette smoke. We have stayed at Couples 5 times and have NEVER had an issue with the smell in our rooms. You will be fine, no need to be concerned.

    As for the bags, I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to take them with you. The plane is plenty big enough to carry them and I personally wouldn't want to wait for the bus to arrive at the resort before I would be able to unpack.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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