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    Default Vegetarian couple worried about options!

    Hi Everyone!
    My fiance and I are in the process of booking our wedding at CSA. We are so excited, however we have one HUGE concern. We are both vegetarian. We were wondering if we were going to have enough options for food, or if we would be stuck eating salad every day. If anyone can provide any feedback, it would be appreciated.
    Thanks a bunch!

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    There is plenty of veggie options Sea Grapes is almost completely veggie. There is a juice bar in the gym, and each restaurant has veggie options. No worries!
    Erika & Sean

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    You will have enough options... not as many, but definitely enough. My wife and I honeymooned at CSA in June. We are both vegetarians. The buffet at the Palms has plenty of options. Patois will likely have two veggie pizzas each night and a veggie side. The Caban grill has veggie burgers, fries, nachos, spring rolls. Seagrapes has several items. AND! the best part... at Lemongrass and Feathers, we advised our server we were vegetarians and he took the menus right out of our hands. We were treated to customized, special dishes not found on the menu. and they were fantastic. I love CSA.

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    My fiance is vegetarian and we never have a problem finding options. As stated before, Seagrapes is a wonderful lunch venue but any of the restaurants are accomodating. Just make sure that you confirm with the server that there is no meat in the dish which I'm sure you are used to Have fun! We'll be back at CSA November 2nd!

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    My spouse and I are strict vegans and we typically don't eat fried foods or foods cooked in oil, avoid salt. It was definitely a struggle for us at CSA. Almost everything is cooked in butter, which is not vegan. They had beautiful sauteed greens every morning at the buffet for breakfast, but they were always cooked in butter. Even the pasta bar used butter to sautee veggies. We really felt like we were a big pain in the butt. The head chef at the resort made us a special lunch one day which was very kind of him. Sea Grapes has vegetarian options, but not a lot of vegan. We would ask them to leave cheese off of things a lot and would just order a lot of salads. My best bet was to do the salad bar every night.

    One night the chef at Feathers made us a vegan meal which was lovely. If you have dietary restrictions let them know at check-in. They will get you in contact with the chef. Part of our problem was that we didn't tell anyone until late in our trip. We just hate being the pain in the neck to the staff. By the way, the oatmeal has milk and butter in it already too. You have to ask about everything. At least I lost a few pounds on my vacation though!!!!

    Also - ask for pina coladas without milk - coconut milk only. The bartenders thought we were nuts at first, but they tried it and told us they liked it better that way too! Best wishes to you. Enjoy your vacation.

    I will be teaching yoga at CTI in November. Hope to see some of you there.

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    If you are just vegetarians and not vegans, read the recent TripAdvisor review entitled "Swept Away will blow you away" - you will have no problems.

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    Default Much Thanks!

    Thanks so much for the information...we appreciate it!

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