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    Default Greetings from Massachusetts

    My wife and I will be @ Couples Swept Away in 32 more days. This is our first time that we will be @ Couples. We were wondering if anybody else from Massachusetts will be there. Hope to hear from you!!

    Jon + Gale Malita

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    we will be there.11/11/10 11/19/10....we are from will be our second trip...there last year the same time....we can't wait...

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    Default hey mass

    my wife and i will be at csa from 11/6-11/13. i was born in mass, does that count? i grew up in fla and live in va bch. you will love csa, this is our 3rd trip and we are bringing another couple, their second trip
    have fun, live long and party hardy!

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    Default Massachusetts

    We are going in January, We went last January. You are going to have a ball we loved it so much This time we took the jet Blue non stop flight. Have fun Where from Mass you from. We are from Andover

    Kathy & Paul

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