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  1. Booking next week and still can't decide!

    I know I have seen a million posts about which resort to choose, but I am having a terrible time deciding! We are booking our first Couples vacation for February 2011 and can NOT decided between CSA...
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    February 2011

    Anyone already know they will be at CN in Feb 2011? We are going to be booking our trip in the next couple weeks. Feb 24-Mar 4 2011. Renewing our vows on Feb 27 (20yrs). Can't wait! We really need...
  3. CN or SW - Is the water prettier at one vs the other?

    I know that sounds like a silly question. But I have never been to the carribean and am so excited to see turquoise water! So is it prettier at one more than the other?? We can't decide between CN...
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