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Rescue Stories from the Couples Sans Souci Watersports Team

Couples Resorts offers a variety of watersports activities such as snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, waterskiing and much more. While enjoying your Jamaica vacation rest assured that the team members assisting you in activities such as scuba diving are following standard operating procedures and adhering to proper rules and regulations. You also want to know that in case of emergency situations they can efficiently, and effectively, deal with the circumstances.

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Safety is integral to Couples Resorts dive program. That is why our watersports team is fully prepared to offer assistance, should guests need it. Two members from the watersports department of Couples Sans Souci share their rescue stories with us in the exclusive video below. In both instances the staff was taking guests on waterskiing excursions when they were alerted by cries of “help” from drowning victims. In the first instance, it was a male guest from a neighboring hotel that was rescued and most recently, a young child on vacation with his parents. Both rescues turned out successful and incident free. For a truly memorable underwater experience, we encourage guests to dive into the opportunity of scuba diving in the Caribbean!

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Watch in the clip below as two watersports team members share with us their rescue stories.