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Jamaican Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests

If you are in search of a Jamaica wedding and honeymoon resort, the island is the ideal location as it’s usually associated with sand, sea and sun. It’s also a very popular wedding destination renowned for its superb culture. With this in mind, one should ensure that they take full advantage of all the unique souvenir gift items available.

When friends and family have come a long way to see you tie the knot what better way to show them how much you appreciate their support by making them feel at home when they arrive. While you plan each aspect of your all inclusive island wedding packages experience, take a moment to recognize the special effort made by those guests who have travelled to be a part of this fantastic moment. Here are some ideas to aid in helping you to plan the perfect 'welcome' without breaking your budget.

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Here are some “goody bag” ideas to help you plan the perfect 'welcome' for your guests without breaking your budget:

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  • Let’s Stay Together Package - Scented candles, an assortment of oils, “Jamaican Love Socks”
  • Jamaican Top Chef Package - Assortment of rum, coffee, Jamaican spices, cakes
  • Caribbean Irie Vibe Package - Souvenir shirts & craft items, photo albums & frames

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  • Jamaican Beach Survival Kit – Sunblock, aloe, shades, flip flops, Bob Marley shirt, beach bag, straw hat
  • Let’s get “Jammin” Package - CD’s- e.g. Bob Marley, Steel Band Instrumentals or A.J Brown
  • Jam Down House Wares - Coasters, place mats, salt & pepper shakers, baskets

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Let us know what you think about our gift ideas, mon!