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All Inclusive Honeymoons at Couples Resorts

After all the time you spent planning your dream wedding, youíll need to unwind from all the excitement that accompanied the planning process. With that in mind you should consider a honeymoon destination that allows for rest, relaxation and lots of fun. Take a deep breath, allow your fingers to do the talking and surf the internet where youíll find that Couples Resorts is among the top honeymoon locations in the Caribbean.

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Here are some reasons we came up with why you should choose the Caribbean for your honeymoon, and why youíre in need of a romantic getaway!

  • Weather - The Caribbean is perfect for honeymooners nearly all year round. If you choose an island thatís going through the rainy season during your visit, donít worry too much as Caribbean rains tend not to be continual, but rather periodic. Occasionally heavy showers that last a very short time and are dried by the sun just as quickly.
  • For Relaxation- Most weddings are quite stressful and tiring; a honeymoon is a time for you to relax with each other.
  • Celebration - You're finally married! Have fun with each other.
  • To Make Love - Whilst you donít need a vacation to do that, on your honeymoon you can get to bond with each other some more in the privacy of a beautiful setting away from home and the usual disturbances.
  • To Explore - A honeymoon propels a couple out into the world together, to enjoy the joys of life, experiences new places, foods and much more. Therefore, enjoy the on and off-site adventurous excursions as this is an excellent way to bond with each other.
  • To Plan for the Future - A honeymoon provides you with some quiet time to plan your future and ask yourselves questions you may not have before; such as what kind of family do you envision and where do you see yourselves in 5 years or more?

At Couples Resorts, from the moment you arrive at any of our four luxurious resorts (when spending six nights, within 30 days of marriage) you will be greeted with a complimentary bottle of champagne and treated to a complimentary 25 minute couples massage. And it doesnít end there... we also offer a wide array of exclusive romance packages which range from honeymoon dťcor- candles, petals, wines to private dinners, floral arrangements, spa treatments, gift certificates and much more.

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So why wait? With all the reasons above and so many amenities to choose from be sure to book your honeymoon vacation now and donít forget to visit our concierge desk for additional details about our Caribbean wedding and honeymoon resort.

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