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"Sing Us A Song, You're The Piano Man" … Jamaican Music at Couples!

Sing us a song Mr. Piano man…..or while on your all inclusive vacation to Jamaica make that: Sing me a Jamaican song Mr. Piano Man. He is versatile, talented and knowledgeable of a wide genre of music, with fingers that gently glide over the ebony and ivory keys. He can either sooth your mind or create a party vibe. He is known by his fans as “Ultimate Chocolate” – or just Ultimate and he holds court at Couples Swept Away 5 nights a week.

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Music has been known to influence people in many different ways depending on the music and/or the person. It can affect a person's mood, or even the growth of a plant; it has been proven to have tremendous influence on people. At a wedding for example, the couples song usually brings an elevated joy and often feelings of nostalgia. When used in the right way, music can be greatly beneficial to anyone. At your Caribbean romantic all inclusive resort, we play only happy music to aid in forming memorable memories and moments of your couples hideaway retreat in the land of paradise.

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Experience the soulful sounds our pianist, accompanied by the voices of guests from Couples Swept Away in the video below and get the party going Jamaican Style!