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Couples Resorts Takes Gold, Silver & Bronze - Best of Awards

The annual “Taste of Jamaica” competition, held at the Montego Bay Convention Center October 27th – 28th, 2012 is organized by the Culinary Federation of Jamaica (CFJ) as a means of motivating young Jamaican chefs while showcasing their talents both locally and internationally. Couples Resorts was represented in this year’s competition by Tower Isle and Sans Souci in the categories of pastry, bartending and culinary skills.

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Couples Resorts Culinary Team

After two days of intensive competition, Couples reigned supreme by taking home gold, silver and bronze medals. In the seafood competition, Craig Wilson walked away with a bronze medal. Andre Simpson received a bronze medal for chef of the year and in the pastry section there was a clean sweep of gold, silver and bronze medals. Teresa Clarke took home the gold medal in addition to the Pastry Chef of the Year Award, which was separated by only one point! Shekera Cassie, from Couples Sans Souci, took 2nd place and Errol Sewell from Couples Tower Isle went home with the bronze medal.

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Craig Wilson during the Seafood Competition

Couples Resorts, along with our talented culinary team who continues to impress with their unmistakable talents, congratulates all participants and are very proud of their team. Members of the culinary team include:

• Dwight Morris, Senior Sous Chef
• Andre Simpson, Junior Sous Chef
• Craig Wilson
• Andrae Sanchez
• Akeema McNish
• Jovan Rattigan
• Andrew Rodney
Pastry Team
• Teresa Clarke
• Shekera Cassie, Pastry Team Leader
• Errol Sewell, Pastry Team Leader

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Pastry Team: Errol Sewell, Teresa Clarke, Shekera Cassie

We’d like to share with you the recipe for the award winning pastry: Torched Mango Brule

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Teresa Clarke with Award Winning Pastry Dish, Torched Mango Brule

Torched Mango Brule
Coconut & Chocolate Fever grass Crunch / Mango Salsa/ Vanilla Auglaize / Chocolate Biscuit (Serving Size: 4)

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Mango curd
• 100 gr. Icing Sugar
• 150 gr. Eggs Whole
• 90 gr. Butter
• 200 gr. Fresh Mango
• 100 gr. Mango Puree
• 7 gr. Milk Powder
• 7 pc Gelatin
• 50 gr. Mango Essence
• Ginger
• Melt butter and blend fresh mangoes.
• Combine all remaining ingredients, add to melted butter.
• Cook until thickens and add gelatin, then blend.

Coconut and Chocolate Lemon Grass Crunch
• 300 gr. White Chocolate
• 300 gr. Fresh Coconut Flakes
• 150 gr. Vegetable Oil
• 50 gr. Roasted Chopped Lemon Grass
• Fresh Lime Juice
• Melt white chocolate, add oil, lemon grass and lime juice.
• Roast coconut flakes. Let cool and add to melted white chocolate mixture.

Mango Salsa
• 100 gr. Fresh Mangoes
• 1 Vanilla Bean
• Ginger
• Orange Liqueur
• Cut mangoes into cubes.
• Add remaining ingredients to mixture

Chocolate Biscuit
• 4 oz Melted Butter
• 125 gr. Flour
• 75 gr. Icing Sugar
• 2 oz Sugar
• 125 gr. Egg White
• 50 gr. Coco Powder
• Melt butter and pour into mixing bowl.
• Combine all dry ingredients and add to butter mixture.
• Mix for three minutes then add egg white and mix for another five minutes.

Vanilla Sauce
• 250 gr. Heavy Cream
• 40 gr. Sugar
• 2 Egg Yolks
• 1 Vanilla Bean
• 1 tsp. Cornstarch
• Boil cream, sugar and vanilla bean.
• Combine yolk and corn starch with a little cream.
• Add to mixture until thickens.

Raspberry Sauce
• 100 gr. Raspberry Puree
• 20 gr. Sugar
• ½ tsp. Cornstarch
• Boil puree and sugar.
• Combine cornstarch and a little water add to puree.
• Stir until thickens.

Putting It All Together

  • Mango Curd- After mix is made, pour mix in a mold, 2 ½-3 inches wide. Put to set in freezer for
  • 30 mins
  • Chocolate biscuit- Bake it and cut with round cutter. R 8 minutes. Cut with 3 inch cutter. Set aside
  • Lemon Grass Syrup- Boil lemongrass with water and sugar and reduce. Soak the biscuits in lemon grass
  • Mix white chocolate, coconut flakes, and chopped roasted lemon grass spread on a thin sheet and place in fridge to set
  • Torch Mango curd and put to set again for 10 minutes to hold shape
  • Place chocolate biscuit on surface, cut lemongrass crunch with 2 ½ inch cutter, place on top of chocolate biscuit. Place other chocolate biscuit on top of white chocolate crunch. Add mango curd and place on top of the chocolate biscuit. Sprinkle with sauces

We’d love to hear about what you think of this award winning pastry dish. If you give it a try at home, be sure to share with us your thoughts below in the comment box.