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Recipe Time: Get Fresh With an Organic Garden Salad and a Local Mix Green Salad

At every Couples Resort all inclusive restaurant, we strive to provide among the freshest ingredients while we prepare every meal right from scratch. Whether it’s mixing up the unique spice of Caribbean flavor, or blending tropical fruit and vegetables to create the perfect smoothie, at this all-inclusive Jamaican resort you’ll find a variety of food offerings that are sure to hit the spot. Today, we’re sharing with you the recipes to two simple, yet delicious salads offered at Couples.

Local Mix Greens Salad

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• Mixed Lettuce -- 400 g
• Beet root peeled, boiled & diced -- 200 g
• Carrots Shaved -- 100 g
• Crumbled Gorgonzola -- 60g
• Papaya peeled & deseeded -- 50 g
• Papaya Vinaigrette -- 150 ml


• Combine all the above ingredients and serve with dressing; Serves 4

Organic Garden Salad

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• 1 head romaine lettuce
• Fresh avocado – 4 small slices
• Nuts of your choice – 60g
• Toasted almonds – 60g
• Fresh parmesan cheese, grated – 90g
• Cantelope – 100g
• Honey-dew – 100g


• Cut lettuce head in half & wash ( we like to remove the outer the leaves and use more of the heart of the lettuce)
• Combine all the remaining ingredients and top with your favourite dressing

Now it’s time to grab the mixing bowl and give one of our salads a try at the next family dinner. Remember to let us know what you think of the recipe in the comment box below!