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Warm Up This Fall with Jamaica’s Own Blue Mountain Coffee

Awaken your senses with the bouquet of freshly brewed Blue Mountain Coffee - one of the best in the world and the beans are grown right here in Jamaica.

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Jamaica is famous for some of the finest coffee found anywhere in the world. So what makes this little island such a prime spot for growing world-class coffee? Simply put, it’s the Blue Mountains. Coffee plants need to be well watered, well drained and experience periodic coolness during some stages of development. To be worthy of the name “Blue Mountain Coffee”, it must be grown at altitudes between 2,000 and 5,000 feet in the Parishes of Portland, St. Andrew and St. Thomas – this combination is restricted to the estates of; Mavis Bank, Silver Hill, Moy Hall or Wallenford.

Are you a coffee lover? Couples Resorts ensures that during your all inclusive resort vacation, only the finest is available to you. Blue Mountain coffee is not only served in our restaurants, but is also accessible in your rooms for you to enjoy any time of day. Searching for coffee as a gift to take home? Visit one of our gift shops and take home a piece of Blue Mountain heaven.

Blue Mountain Coffee has many culinary uses; you may find it in iced coffee, ice cream, cakes, pastries, wines and many more items. The beans have also become quite popular with massages so if you truly take pleasure in the aroma, schedule a Coffee Scrub at one of our Couples Resorts Spas.

Whilst here with us enjoying our Caribbean all inclusive resorts, don’t forget to visit our restaurants and see what treat has been prepared for you with the flavours of coffee. As a special treat, we’re sharing with you the recipe for Couples Resorts own, Cappuccino and Irish Coffee!


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• A single shot of Jamaican finest Blue Mountain coffee
• Hot steamed milk
• Topped with frothed milk and cinnamon powder

Irish Coffee

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• A single shot of Jamaican finest Blue Mountain coffee
• Hot steamed milk
• Irish Whiskey
• Topped with whipped cream garnished with cinnamon powder