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8 Tips For Your Destination Wedding

Caribbean Islands offer the natural allure of sun-filled days on white sandy beaches gently lapped by a blue sea. But for vacationers in search of a rich cultural experience in a setting of extraordinary beauty, Jamaica presents a fascinating diversity of options. With four luxury resorts that provide the ultimate beach wedding destinations, you will not be disappointed at Couples Resorts.

So when you are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding in paradise, or trying to decide on your ultimate wedding destination packages, Couples Resorts has a few helpful tips to assist you:

1. Implement a budget - How much can you spend? Then ask yourself if you want a small and simple wedding or a lavish ballroom production, and if the luxury wedding will fit your budget. Find a resort that offers value for your money with accommodation and wedding packages suited to your needs and likes. Be sure to list in order of priorities, the things that are most important to you (ex: flowers, cake, reception, photos etc.) This will help if you ever have to cut back on your budget or happen to go over budget.

2. Location, Location, Location – It’s important to pick a location that not only caters to the number of guests you would like to have, but also keep in mind, how mobile are your guests? Consider travel times, variety of flight options, and travel prices when choosing your location. Be sure to research what amenities will be offered to your guests, such as number of rooms you must reserve in order to get a reduction in price.
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3. What type of wedding have you always dreamed of? - Do you envision yourself on the beach, a tropical garden setting or getting married in an oceanfront setting? If you prefer a religious ceremony, be sure to ask what the resort can provide you with in terms of a Justice of the Peace or if a Pastor, Rabbi, etc. is available on-site.

4. How much work are you willing to take on? - Attention all “do-it-yourselfers”! Planning your wedding at home can be stressful and complicated, so before you commit to a difficult and costly undertaking, determine how much of your time you can realistically put into the wedding plans. If you decide to use a wedding planner, develop a personal relationship with them! After all, they are hired to make your life easier, so don’t feel bad by loading them up with work. A dedicated professional will stop at nothing to give you peace of mind on your special day.

5. Health & Dietary Needs –Contact the resort prior to booking to ensure that they can assist with health needs or emergencies. Don’t forget about any dietary needs for the reception as well.

6. Time of Year- When is the most suitable time of year to get married? That decision is entirely up to you and your schedule! Maybe you want to get away during the winter and escape to a Caribbean island, or you’ve always dreamed of that spring wedding with perfect weather. When choosing destinations at sea, be mindful of hurricane season and ask the resort if back up plans are available for indoor ceremonies, in case the weather is not so perfect!

7. Research Local Marriage Requirements -The legal side of tying the knot in a different country can be complicated. Some countries have a ”residency requirement” (which is basically a waiting period after you arrive, eg. 7 days in England) and some even require a blood test. The resort should be happy to relay this information to you.

8. Lightweight Attire Especially is Ideal - Remember it’s usually warm and humid in many beach wedding destinations. Lighter dresses and stacked heels are recommended for walking on the beach. Linen pants and flip flops are comfortable and extremely trendy for guys. Don’t forget a hankie for the groom, for tropical nuptials, this is a must!
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So now that you have all the inside information to what you should prepare for while planning a destination wedding, let us know what you think of our beach wedding tips below in the comments section