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What to Expect When Dining At Couples Tower Isle Resort

Mouth watering, delightful, sumptuous, delectable, tasty, yummy, luscious, and exquisite are just some of the words that can be used to describe the cuisine served at Couples Tower Isle.

Founded in 1978, this resort has served as the corner stone of the Couples brand. Besides being famous for its spectacular views, elegant rooms, romantic atmosphere and customer service, Couples Tower Isle is also known for its remarkable cuisine that leaves your palate wanting more.

Pictured below is the grilled beef tenderloin with warm pumpkin basil salad on sour cream mashed potatoes and tamarind jus.

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With healthy living on the rise, more travelers are searching for resorts that offer a variety of healthy appetizing dishes. Couples Tower Isle offers you all that and more, using local seasonal produces, spices rich with zest, and freshly grown vegetables from the grounds of the resort. Each of the six unique restaurants also offers the well-balanced vegetarian meals that are so important to our own Executive Chef, Stefan Spath.

A Taste of Caribbean Seafood- Smoked Marlin and Ackee Sushi, Salmon Caper Dip

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Whether an array of vegetarian options, extravagant buffets, Jamaican inspired menus with gourmet offerings, Asian themed luncheons, Room Service, Private Beach or Island Dinners, Couples Tower Isle has been instrumental in introducing a diverse selection of mouthwatering dishes into the Jamaican resort dining experience.

So what about guests with particular needs? A chef can meet guests on arrival to discuss their respective nutritional needs - and then create lip smacking Vegan dishes as well as delectable treats for clients with allergies to Gluten, lactose or Shellfish.

So travel to Jamaica and enjoy the cuisine of Couples Tower Isle where your taste buds will always be left wanting more.

Do you have a favorite dish you’ve had at one of our resorts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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