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Meet Our Special Guest, The Children Of The Drums

Looking for some live music in Jamaica that is sure to get you on your feet and feeling the dancing beat? Look no further than Couples Tower Isle! We are excited to introduce to you the Children of the Drums. The group has been together for six years and performs a fusion of West African & West Indian Folklore via drumming and body movements. The drumming is influenced by Djembe, Duon- Doun and Congo along with other African Percussions; the body movements are fused with African Dances and Jamaican Barnyard styles, some of which include Kumina, Ettu, Dinki Mini / Gerreh. These dances are expressions of feelings and have been a part of the Jamaican culture long before we gained Independence in 1962.

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The Drummers being past members of National Drum Corps, came together as teenagers to form the group; hence the name “Children of the Drums”. The group performs extensively nationwide and is a favourite of visitors to the island. Watch the video below to see the group live from Jamaica and be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more all-inclusive resort videos.

Managed by Patric-Alex Foster-CEO of Show Jam Entertainment Limited based in Montego Bay, this genre of entertainment provided by “Children of the Drums” is an avenue to express Jamaican Culture in a different way from the traditional floor shows. Their performances in resorts along the North coast give life to the “Ja-African” (Jamaican & African) experience through Drumming and Dance.

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