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Chief Romance Officer

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A Perfect Proposal

One of my favorite parts of being the Chief Romance Officer is, well, facilitating romance any chance I get. At Couples, we cherish love and romance and do our utmost to encourage it throughout each and every day. I take this role seriously and have the most fun watching how various love stories unfold at Couples Resorts.

One particular story I want to share starts five weeks ago with a gentleman named Brad, who had found my contact information on the Couples Message Board. Brad emailed me that he was planning a trip to Couples Negril in July and was planning to propose to his girlfriend Lauren shortly after arrival. Brad and Lauren met 10 years ago this month at a concert in Nashville, TN when they were both in high school. Her friends dared her to come over and talk to him and his friends. Brad promptly asked for her number, they went on a date a week later, and the rest is history. He knew he wanted the proposal to be special, and our Couples Resorts team was going make sure it was!

Brad is a smart fella. He knew that Lauren loved the beach and that the scenic ambiance of Couples was the ideal destination for the occasion. He especially empathized that what drew him to the resort was the focus on romance and couples-only atmosphere.

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I asked if Brad would share with us his account of the entire proposal process, and he so generously agreed to do so. Read his full testimonial below as he recreates the perfect proposal. . .

I started making preparations for the proposal by contacting the romance concierge team and also posting on the Couples message board asking for suggestions. I was very impressed by the responses I received and it was clear that everyone was not only willing, but excited to help make the proposal as perfect as possible. I knew Lauren would want something simple, yet romantic. I decided to propose to her on the beach next to a Negril sunset and then have a private dinner on the beach to celebrate. Since she had no idea the proposal was coming, I told her we had reservations at Otaheite that night, and since we would be getting dressed up, we should use the opportunity to take some pictures on the beach. Well, as I was nervously trying to find the right time to say something, the resort photographer noticed us and offered to take a few pictures of us next to the sunset. I knew this was my chance and I turned to her and began telling her everything I had been wanting to say. The photographer took the hint and began taking pictures as I asked her to marry me. As excited as Lauren was, she became even more excited when I led her over to our dinner set up on the beach. The dinner was excellent and our waitress made sure every detail was taken care of and even surprised us by leading us back to our room where a chilled bottle of champagne and rose petals were waiting on us. The whole experience went perfectly and we are very thankful to the many members of the Couples staff who had a hand in making our engagement something we'll always remember.

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From the entire Couples Resorts family, we want to thank Brad and Lauren for letting us be a part of their very special moment. We couldn't be happier for you and wish you all the best in your wedding planning and for a happy, fulfilled life together.

One Love,
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