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A 30th Birthday Celebration: Couples Swept Away Stlye

Hi Couples family,

I know the love for Couples Resorts is honest, passionate and incredibly contagious, and I have to share with you the below story of two people who exhibit this love so much, that when Katie was unable to make it to Jamaica this year, she brought Jamaica to them for her 30th birthday, Couples Swept Away style.

Katie emailed me photos of her birthday party and the more I read and saw, the more I inquired and couldn't wait to share her story. I hope you enjoy this excerpt of our correspondence and know that whenever you are away from "home" in Jamaica, it's just a short daydream away. Enjoy.

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As told from Katie:
My husband and I were friends for a long time. We met through my sister, Jill. We were both in relationships when we met, so we were always free to be our true selves around each other. Later on, we had both become single. Scott would ask me to go out, and I was hesitant since we were good friends. I didn't want to ruin what we had. He was persistent, sweet, and determined. I finally agreed to go on a real date with him. From that day on, we were inseparable.
Not only were we best friends, but we were in love. We took care of each other, we both gave 100%. We laughed constantly, and always looked forward to coming home to each other. However, we both work a lot. He was working 12 hour shifts most days, and I was working 2 jobs and going to school. We didn't want to let our busy, stressful lives come between us, so we decided we needed to take a break from real life and go on a vacation together. After weeks of trying to find the perfect destination, Scott stumbled upon Couples Resorts. Our lives would be forever changed!

Our first experience with Couples was at Couples Negril. Scott, my boyfriend at the time was nervous he may miss the Super Bowl because his team was playing around the same time we landed and he wasn't sure if they would show it on the TV's in our room. When we arrived at the resort, we saw kayaks floating in the pool, full of drinks, ice sculptures with each team's logo, a full outdoor buffet, and a ginormous projector screen playing the Super Bowl! We were overwhelmed with excitement. We weren't sure if it could get any better than that! However, it continued to get better, surpassing all of our expectations. This was our first vacation together and he just kept saying "well, I guess I set the bar high for vacations, this will be hard to beat!" We met a lot of the staff and by the time we left, we were on a first name basis, we had inside jokes with many of them, and they remembered our orders. We made tie dye shirts, we were serenaded on the beach, we were welcomed "home" with open arms.

We decided after we left, that we could never top the experience we had at Couples. So, within weeks of returning to freezing Syracuse New York, we booked our next trip back "home".

This time, we wanted to try Couples Swept Away. We were scared we wouldn't love it as much as Couples Negril, so we booked 3 days at CSA and 7 at CN. Again, the staff, food, service, drinks, beaches and the overall experience blew us away at both resorts. Some of the staff still remembered our names even though it had been a year since our last trip. We snorkeled, and tried night snorkeling as well. It was one of the best things we've ever done! The feeling of sitting on a catamaran cruise could best be described as serenity. When you are at Couples, there are no problems, no stressful thoughts, no worries about work, no negative thoughts. Your mind and body can be at ease and at peace. It gives you a chance to heal inside and out. The staff become friends and family, your room becomes your home. It is so comfortable and cozy and welcoming. This is why they (and we) call it "home".

Fast forward to September of 2013. Scott proposed to me. It was an immediate decision that we HAD to get married at Couples. It is our happy place, it is more beautiful than any place in the world, and it is a place that brought us closer and left us extreme happiness and wonderful memories. So, we started planning. I am a person who has to be organized at all times, who has to know every tiny detail of everything, and I tend to worry and stress a lot about little things. The process of planning our destination wedding at Couples was stress free, flawless, simple, peaceful and pain free. When we arrived with our 26 guests, we met with the wedding coordinator, I pointed at a few pictures of what I wanted, handed them a bag of favors and ribbons, and BAM! It was over. The day of the wedding, I was so relaxed that everyone who is close to me was worried that something was wrong. As I was helping others get ready, and asking if anyone needed anything, everyone looked at me like I was crazy and said "why aren't you freaking out?!" And I simply replied, "I'm in my happy place, and I'm going to marry my best friend, why would I freak out?!" Had I gotten married in my hometown, I would be panicking about every tiny detail and wondering what was going to go wrong and running around like crazy. I trusted the wedding coordinators and knew they would make it perfect for us. They did. Everything was flawless. It was gorgeous, it went smoothly and perfectly, with no mix-ups, no problems, no stress, and no fear. Instead of filling my brain with details, timelines, decorations and organization, I was able to focus 100% on the wedding, the peaceful water behind us, the sun on our faces, the music, the vows, our guests, the emotion...the important things. It was, hands down, the most special day of my life. The rest of the week did not disappoint. Our family and friends soon learned why we had been raving about our secret happy place for the past few years. They too, call it home now. We laughed until our stomachs hurt, we made friends with the staff, they were always so happy to see us, and we always looked forward to running into a familiar face in the restaurants, bars, front desk, etc. the food, as usual, was heavenly. The entertainment was phenomenal. The piano bar left us with wonderful memories of singing together and sharing a love for music and laughter. We all claimed "our spot" on the beach and in the jacuzzis. Our guests were heard saying things like "this is the best week of my life" and "let me know when you come back, we're coming with you!" I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else, and we are so grateful that our family and friends could be there to not only share our wedding day, but to share our "happy place" as well. We have since found ourselves reminiscing about it constantly, scrolling through hundreds of pictures and video clips, just to get a glimpse of our amazing experience, even for just a few seconds in our busy lives.

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If someone were to ask us to describe Couples in one word, we would have to say: SERENITY

Our ideal day at Couples consists of sitting on our front porch to wake up, having custom breakfast omelets at the buffet, laying on the beach for a couple hours with our red flag next to us, checking the activity schedule and joining in on tie dye making, "game shows", or games. We would go to the water sports hut and go snorkeling with the fun staff. Then, head to the grill for lunch and the swim-up bar for drinks and laughs with guests and staff. After a full day of sun, food, drinks and laughter, we would go back to the room to get ready. Then head to a fancy restaurant for delicious dinner, dessert, and attentive and fun wait staff. If we can still move after filling our bellies, we would head to the beach bonfire and cuddle up, listen to live music, and look up at the stars. We would then go to the piano bar for songs and laughs, or try to catch a live show with the steel drums (our favorite!). We would then fall asleep to the breeze and the peaceful sound of water outside of our room.

Friends kept asking what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday. I responded, "go to Jamaica?" Knowing we wouldn't be able to afford a trip back "home" this year, we decided to bring "home" to our backyard. We all shared what some of our favorite foods, drinks, and activities were, and tried to recreate them here. We made signs for each restaurant, and had corresponding snacks and food for each one. We sent messages to Couples to make sure we had the right mix of ingredients for some of our favorite drinks. We bought as many decorations as we could, in the Jamaican colors. Complete with reggae music, we were able to pretend for a while that we were back "home". Our guests had their first cup of Rum punch and said, "Oh my goodness this tastes like Jamaica". It was a success. Although it wasn't the same as really being there, it was great to be surrounded with reminders of our "happy place". It was a great way to celebrate my 30th birthday!

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We love Couples for so many reasons. The beautiful sandy beaches, the breathtaking sunsets, the amazing food and drinks, fabulous desserts, the incredible service, the various top-of-the-line activities and entertainment, the smell of the air, the refreshing touch of the breeze on a sunny day, the exciting water sports. BUT, the main reason we continue to return to Couples is for the people. I'm sure we could find a resort that has great food and sandy beaches, but the staff at Couples are not replaceable. They work so hard every minute, they make you feel welcome, they go above and beyond to ensure an unforgettable experience. They are the true reason we may never vacation anywhere else ever again! Thank you for changing our lives!

One love,
Katie and Scott Andrews