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Guest Spotlight Series: The Friess Family

Hi Couples family,

This month we are showcasing Art and Linda Friess from Union City, Tennessee for our Guest Spotlight Series. Read below and get to know them better and see what their "Resort Lessons Learned" looks like for Couples Sans Souci.

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Carrie: How did you two meet?
The Friess Family: At a local Health Club

Carrie: How many times have you been to Couples Resorts, and which properties?
The Friess Family: 3 times. CN for daughter's wedding. CSS for OUR Honeymoon. And CSA last October.

Carrie: How has Couples played a role in your personal love story?
The Friess Family: With 14 grandkids, this is OUR time together.

Carrie: What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a first-time guest at Couples?
The Friess Family: Do not over plan. Do not over pack. And do not over eat or over drink the first evening. Sad to be sick the first full day at Couples!!

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes Couples so unique?
The Friess Family: So many. Love the Adults Only, ALL inclusive idea. And the "No Tipping" policy. The fact that ALL guests are equals.

Carrie: In a single word, describe what Couples means to the two of you.
The Friess Family: Relaxation. Going to Couples is the ONLY place where I have totally relaxed while on vacation.

Carrie: Which staff members or fellow guests do you most look forward to seeing when you return?
The Friess Family: Shanice. What a sweetheart. Such a bubbly personality. Quite an asset for the resort. Always makes us smile.

Carrie: Fill in the blank: Our ideal day at Couples consists of _______________
The Friess Family: Relaxing and enjoying each other.

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One of my favorite parts of getting to know these two was reading the trip recaps for all three of the trips they have made to the resorts. At the end of each recap, Art explains his "Resort Lessons Learned (RLL)". These are too good not to share, so I've outlined his RLLs for Couples Sans Souci below:

RLL 1) Weather forecasts for Jamaica are totally worthless. Forecasts called for thunderstorms EVERY day and night for the entire week we were there. Other than the all dayers Saturday and Sunday, we had beautiful weather.
RLL2) Dunn's River Falls is NOT for fat old people!!
RLL3) CSS involves a lot of walking and stair climbing.
RLL4) Rain in Jamaica is a lot warmer than rain in Tennessee.
RLL 5) Lobster Night is NOT to be missed.
RLL 6) It really pays to register for the "Romance Rewards".
RLL 7) "Bob Marleys" deserve their reputation!!
RLL 8) Parrots bite!!
RLL 9) The "Ground Floor" of "D" Block is higher then the 3rd floor of "A" Block. There were 49 steps from the beach to our room.
RLL 10) It IS possible to sun burn lips.
RLL 11) Do NOT miss any of the soups.
RLL 12) When Security says "You have been selected", it does NOT mean you won a free trip!!
RLL 13) The people of Jamaica are fiercely proud of their country. You see the National colors of Green, Black, and Yellow everywhere. I think I was most impressed with this.

What RLLs would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

One love,