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Be a Happy Camper this summer at Couples Resorts

So, I know that when you think of “camp”, you think of dirt, mosquitos, restless nights, kids and sleeping bags... Those days of roughing it are over, and Couples Resorts has redefined what it means to truly be a happy camper in paradise.

This summer, we are inviting you to experience a playful vacation where you will find many of the things you loved about summer camp as a kid: outdoor fun, new discoveries and the thrill of summer romance all over again. And best of all, you won’t get homesick!

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One of the things I am most looking forward to about “Camp Couples” is the fact that the chefs are working to create camp-inspired culinary creations within the resort dining and drink menus. I’m hoping a s’more cocktail makes it’s debut, personally.

From snorkeling and salsa dancing to after-dark bonfires, Couples’ list of all inclusive, adult-only activities goes on and on: learn to make a real Rum Punch, crush another couple in doubles, try paddle-boarding, take a field trip to ancient waterfalls…or just sit back, and relax with your toes in the sand.

Ok, so here are the official offer details:
All-inclusive from $175 per person per night + $175 resort credit. Space is limited. Reserve now:

A lot of people have asked whether or not the Camp Couples experience will be mandatory for guests participating this summer, and the answer is quite simply, “no”. We at Couples strive to offer our guests fun and new ways to enjoy our resorts but as always, at Couples, you are in charge and you get to decide how you want to bask in paradise with your love.

Book now before all the camp spots get filled up (or before I eat all the s’mores)! ☺

One love,