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Basket Weaving at Couples Resorts

Being on vacation may primarily be about relaxing on the beach enjoying the sun, sea and sand with a tasty tropical cocktail or a cold Red Stripe Beer in hand….but a truly complete visit to Couples also includes partaking in some of the fun activities happening at the resort.

We offer a wide range of various activities that include making hats, beads, baskets, painting shells or bottles, and creating your own Jamaican tie dye shirts!

Basket weaving is a guest favorite activity and is essentially the process of weaving pliable materials into items such as baskets hats, serving trays, bracelets, vases etc.

The 30-40 minute class is hosted by basket weaver extraordinnaire, Nigel! I especially love this photo of Judy and Izzy who are all smiles post-class. Well done, you two!

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Guests participating in class

One of the most exciting things you discover at the end of the class is the differing style/size/shapes created by each participant even though we started from the same starting product! At the end of the session you walk away back too the beach and Red Stripe with a feeling of joy, pride and a sense of accomplishment knowing you get to take home a tiny piece of Jamaica that you handmade with lots of love.

Basket Weaving classes are held twice weekly at Couples Swept Away: Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:30am, Thursdays at Couples Negril at 12:00pm and Wednesdays at Couples Tower Isle from 2-4 pm, so join in and take home your own little piece of paradise.
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