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Guest Spotlight Series: The Smiths

Hello Couples family,

Everyone loved our Guest Spotlight Series so much that I have decided to continue to share one new guest story a month. This month we are featuring Chuck and Linda Smith. Read their story below and if you would like to be featured, please email me at

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Carrie: Where are you from?
The Smiths: Presently live in Brainerd Minnesota, grew up and lived in North Dakota for 54 years.

Carrie: How did you two meet?
The Smiths: At a local tennis court after Chuck "borrowed"tennis rackets, from our high school. Three months later we went on our first date and will celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary in November.

Carrie: How many times have you been to Couples Resorts, and which properties?
The Smiths: Our visit this April will be our 10th. We have debated about visiting other properties, but in the end comeback to CSS, so we have not been to any of the other Couples resorts.

Carrie: How has Couples played a role in your personal love story?
The Smiths: My (Linda) favorite pictures of Chuck are always the ones I take of him at CSS my favorite is the one I have of him standing on the wall at the beach in front of the excercise pavilon, coconut in hand drinking rum and coconut water from a jelly coconut. I keep this picture in our bedroom and it is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at, at night. We have injoyed many a quiet dinner at Bella Vista next to the water, watching the greatest show on earth, lightning over the ocean at night. In fact our most romantic dining location is the last seating at Bella Vista, we stay as long as our friends (staff) let us, we have out stayed the staff a few times. We enjoy sitting on our balcony in the evening drinking wine and red stripe holding hands, and just being together. The vibe of CSS has been instrumental in enhancing our romantic sides, to be a happy loving couple, after kids!!!

Carrie: What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to a first-time guest?
The Smiths: a. Ask yourselves why are we going to CSS. ? is it about the stuff you bring with or the person you are going with! Don't be focused on how much of material items to take...... go to enjoy to atmosphere of CSS, you will be well taken care of, questions answered, and you will have a great romantic experience. b. Explore the WHOLE resort, look in every nook and crany, mornings, afternoon, evenings, even after 2 am!!!! c. Take time to get to know the staff, they are wonderful people.

Carrie: In your opinion, what makes Couples so unique?
The Smiths: The philosophy of the resort. It's about two people who love each other. We can be ourselves, hold hands and kiss, and be silly if we want. We can be elegant, or beach bums, this is our vacation, and Couples creates this atmosphere. A wedding can be a princess affair or two lovebirds in beach clothing, all is good and with much love and Sans Soucie, no worries. Every year when we return "home" we discover something new about/on the resort. Staff welcome us back with open arms, big smiles and warm hugs. We feel special everytime we arrive at CSS, as well as throughout our stay, the friendliness and warmth lasts our whole visit.

Carrie: In a single word, describe what Couples means to the two of you.
The Smiths: Love

Carrie: Which staff members or fellow guests do you most look forward to seeing when you return?
The Smiths: There are so many unique people that work and make CSS special, that for fear of missing someone we don't want to name individual staff members. Guests that we enjoy are our fellow SSB inhabitants.

Carrie: Fill in the blank: Our ideal day at Couples consists of ____________
The Smiths: Waking up with the sun, than breakfast, beach, friends, drinks, lunch, swim, drinks, beach, friends, beach bar, beach, friends, drinks, sunset, beach, friends, diner, drinks, beach hot tub, drinks, to bed, then repeat.

Thank you for sharing your story, Chuck and Linda, and thank you for sharing the love with all of us Couples-aholics.

One love,