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Staff Spotlight: Mctear Lawrence at Couples Tower Isle

Couples Resorts has over the years been known not just for its Jamaican family feel and ownership or its exceptional service, but for it's dedicated and committed staff.

Originally from St. Elizabeth but currently residing in Ocho Rios, Mctear Lawrence, Executive Sous Chef at Couples Tower Isle is one such exceptional staff. A gentleman with extensive experience working in the industry with other resorts and on cruise ships, he has been with the resort on and off for over 11 years (after leaving a few times to pursue other goals and garner more work experience), and ultimately decided to return to his “home and family” at Couples Tower Isle, where he has been the Executive Sous Chef from 2003 to present.

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Mctear's love for cooking started at an early age. He grew up assisting his mom and aunt with cooking, which aided in him developing the passion. Describing himself as a "single and eligible bachelor", Mr. Lawrence notes that despite having a passion for teaching; he instead opted to hone this skill in the hotel industry instead of the classroom where he shares his passion for cooking with his co-workers and of course the resorts guests. Mctear enjoys working with his fellow co-workers/staff in the kitchen as they are genuine, hardworking, enjoy what they do, are very reliable and flexible in times of need.

So what inspires/motivates/encourages this single eligible bachelor to continue to be the best? He notes that one of his most memorable and inspiring moments was in 2013 at the Staff Awards when he was named "Manager of the Year". This aided in solidifying the belief that working hard does have its benefits. In that same year he had also received another award for "Manager of the Quarter" for April to June 2013.

When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, he noted that he “will retire in 5 years and will use that time to do what he loves to do most (besides cooking)... traveling, specifically to Cuba to experience their culture”.

McTear also enjoys watching tennis and basketball and has shared with us below his favorite meal which is quite popular in Jamaica---steamed fish and okra... we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Steam Fish with Okra and Crackers

1-8oz whole Snapper
2 oz. Butter
2Tbsp chopped onion
2 Tbsp. chopped Scallion
1 Tsp. chopped Garlic
½ Tsp chopped local Hot Pepper
1 Sprig fresh Thyme
¼ cup diced Tomato
¼ cup coconut milk
Salt And Pepper; to taste
6 whole Crackers
6 whole Okra

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Season fish with salt and pepper and set aside for half an hour. Sauté seasoning until tender, add fish, okra, and coconut milk cook for one minute. Add crackers and more seasonings if necessary. Serve fish on bed of crackers and garnish with okra.

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