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Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas: Bring Couples Home for the Holidays

Happy holidays, Couples family!

We are just days away from Christmas, and for those of you who are procrastinators and have yet to go to the mall or shop for that special gift, don't fret. This week to round out our "Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas", I will be sharing ways you can give the ultimate gift - the gift of Couples - in your very own home with last-minute ideas to sweep him or her off their feet this holiday and focus on the mutual love for Couples Resorts and Jamaica. The season is time for great reflection and quality time, so this year, focus on the memories you cherish most and center your gifts around highlighting those special moments.

Below are ways in which you can bring Couples home for the holidays:

1. Find your favorite photo of your vacation at Couples and get a special frame and wrap it nicely to put under the tree or surprise them with breakfast in bed and have it propped up on the breakfast tray.

2. Find a spot in the house or office that could use some fresh decor, and create a canvas print of their favorite beach or sunset photo, or if you were fortunate enough to get married or have a vow renewal on-island at Couples, find your favorite picture and enlarge it on a canvas for the wall.

3. Gather all of your vacation photos and videos and create a slideshow to surprise them with a mini production on Christmas morning before you open presents. You can use iMovie, or Microsoft PowerPoint. Be sure you add in your favorite music to fully reminisce and bring the Jamaican vacation back to life.

4. For a stocking stuffer idea, write a note and wrap it up as a gift certificate "Good for 1 (one) romantic Jamaican dinner at home". Then, plan a perfect Jamaican meal: jerk chicken with this jerk sauce recipe, curried shrimp, fried plantain (if you can find it in your local market), and sip on your favorite Couples Resorts cocktail like the Sun Glaze. Light some candles and put on your favorite island mix and enjoy the Jamaican date night in your own home.

5. For the ultimate holiday gift, put a box under the tree that contains a piece of paper with one word written on it.... "JAMAICA". Plan your next trip for the new year so you can reconnect and visit us in person for more memories to reminisce next year.

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From my family to yours, I wish you all a wonderfully magical Christmas and holiday season, and look forward to many fun happenings in the New Year.

One love,
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