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Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas: The Gift of Service

Hi Couples family,

Happy holidays!

This week in our gifting series, we are going to talk about ways in which you can give the gift of service. In a season where gifts are plentiful and time and energy is spent in malls and feverishly searching online for the perfect gift, I'd like to challenge us this year to rethink the nature of seasonal gifting, and give a gift that helps others in greater need. Giving is a true blessing and one of the greatest feelings we can be capable of. Whether you are serving in person or through digital donation, make your holiday budget count this season. Below are a few ideas in which you can give the gift of service.

1. Set up a monthly donation to the Issa Trust Foundation in the name of your loved one to support the children in the country you love to give back to the community. The foundation is in great need of toothbrushes and toothpaste, hydrocortisone, vitamins with iron, and Selsium Blue shampoo to help fend off fungal skin infections in young children. They are also actively trying to build a playground to teach the children about exercise and healthy outdoor activity. To donate to the cause, please click here:

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2. Set up a surprise date night and give a note to your love the morning of and give them hints throughout the day about where you are going to do community service and what you will be doing. You can go to a local soup kitchen or volunteer to drive around with Meal on Wheels to deliver warm food to those in need. Whatever you decide to do, make it a special outing with just the two of you.

3. Get your kids or grandkids involved in giving. Set up a bake sale on the corner of your street and determine a charity where the raised funds will go. Let the kiddos help decide where they would like to give back to help engrain the gift of service in them at a young age.

4. Adopt a family for the holidays. Go to a local organization or church and ask if they have families up for adoption this season. They will give you the ages and gender of the children in the home, and you can have fun picking out various gifts for them. Another fun option, if you are allowed, is to get a Christmas tree for the family as well and some gift cards to Target or Walmart so they can get various necessities.

5. Be the ultimate Secret Santa. Anonymously call a local church or organization and ask for the address of a local family in need this season and for specifics of the people who live there (children ages, etc). Then, on Christmas Eve, deliver a sack full of packages and some home cooked meals to their doorstep. Doorbell ditch them and hide out as they receive the ultimate Christmas gift.

How do you and your love serve this time of year? I'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!

One love,
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