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Surprise Weddings: A Startling Route for Some Couples

Surprising the Guests
Surprise weddings are a great way for couples to celebrate their union with some excitement and fun, while at the same time cutting back on stress and costs. For most surprise weddings, the bride and groom invite friends and family to an “engagement party” or a non-wedding related event such as a “BBQ”. The guests are unaware that they are actually attending a wedding. Many couples bring a change of clothes so that they can sneak off at some point to put on their wedding gown and tux. Then the couple comes out and announces that they are getting married – immediately.

Surprising the Bride or Groom
A less common practice, but one that has also been done successfully, is for one partner to plan a surprise wedding for the other. In this situation the wedding planning partner will invite the guests and may or may not let them in on the surprise. When a groom is planning the wedding, he will often buy a dress as a present for the bride. If the bride is planning the event, she may tell the groom that they are going to a fancy event for which he will need to rent a tux. This type of wedding can be exciting and magical for both partners. However, one should be quite sure of the other person’s feelings about what they want their wedding to be like or the surprise could be an unwelcome one.

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Reduce Stress
People often describe their wedding day as one of the happiest days of their life. However, the months of picking colors, rearranging seating charts, choosing invitations, and planning every other detail that goes into a traditional wedding can make the time leading up to a wedding very stressful. A surprise wedding is a great way to reduce a lot of this stress. You'll still need to consider wedding destinations, who you want to invite, and what you want to feed these guests, however, even these details tend to be less formal in a surprise wedding. A BBQ with some friends and family at the beach, for example, would be the only the details needed for a top-notch surprise wedding.

Reduce Costs
A surprise wedding is a great way to cut costs for both you and your family and friends. Surprise weddings tend to be less formal and entail less costly preparations. For the bride and groom this means less money spent on food, decorations, the location, the DJ, the wedding planner, etc. For the invited guests this means less money spent on a wedding gift and on formal clothes for the event. In recent years it seems as if weddings keep getting more expensive, and media exposure to celebrity weddings and shows like Platinum Weddings depict just how much money that can be spent for a one-day event. More and more couples are deciding to go in the opposite direction and have a simple and low-cost wedding, preferring to spend money on an all-inclusive honeymoon or put money into their house.