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Couples Sans Souci Wins 2013 Traveler's Choice Award

Sans Souci, French for “without care” is the location where tropical elegance awaits you on the Caribbean paradise island of Jamaica. Carved into the cliffs with winding walkways, natural mineral springs, hidden grotto's, lush foliage and breath-taking views, this resort offers an unparalleled experience. Spa treatments overlooking the Caribbean Sea, renowned cuisine, first-class service and a rich ambiance are what make this resort the ultimate place for a relaxing and romantic getaway.

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Couples Sans Souci Resort

On September 12th, 2005, the hotel was officially sold to the “House of Issa” owners of Couples Resorts and subsequently renamed Couples Sans Souci, thus making it a part of the Couples chain of resorts. Despite the name change, the resort has continued to maintain its high standards of customer service, customer satisfaction and is amongst the best romantic getaways in the Caribbean. The unique charm and elegance of this 35 acre unspoilt paradise has been enjoyed by many for more than 50 years. Working as the General Manager for the past 15 years, Pierre Battaglia ensures that guests bask in its idyllic intoxicating atmosphere. It is through his employees’ hard work and dedication which aided in the resorts recent acquisition of the 2013 Traveler’s Choice Award, making their eighth year “Gatsby Glamour” Anniversary Celebration even more memorable.

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General Manager Pierre Battaglia

Pierre Battaglia noted that, “We are extremely pleased to have received this prestigious award from Trip Advisor. We are delighted that they have recognized our consistent efforts in providing a high customer service and quality product to our guests. The reviews received throughout the year 2013 were tremendous and they give us the confidence to continuously improve and strengthen our product. In the coming year 2014 we look forward to welcoming many returning and new guests that will continue to bestow great comments about Couples Sans Souci. I must also say congratulations to the staff for a job well done!”

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