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Classic Caribbean Cuisine at Yes Please at Couples Barbados

Barbados is an independent island country in the Lesser Antilles. Oftentimes described as an island that is sophisticated yet casual, warm and friendly, with a distinctive charm, it’s also considered to be luxurious yet intimate, and ranging from expensive to affordable. As the only resort on the island devoted exclusively to couples, this Barbados all inclusive resort provides a tranquil location designed for rest and relaxation. And with more inclusions than anywhere else on the island, your “Irie” holiday filled with “liming” is sure to begin the moment you arrive on the island.

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Bajan cuisine includes a unique blend of foods with African, Indian and British influences. With its national dish being cou cou & flying fish, Corporate Chef Stefan Spath has ensured that these items and other popular fish found in surrounding waters were included in the menu concept of the all-inclusive Barbados restaurant as well. Other very popular dishes include fried fish cakes, fish & chips, macaroni pie, and sweet desserts such as tamarind balls and baked custard some of which have also been included.

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Bajan inspired Soup of the Night

Yes Please at Couples Resorts restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day except Tuesday and features a Caribbean cuisine with a twist. An array of deliciously flavorsome dishes to choose from, the menu is rotated several times per week and has already been a top choice among guests. From their delicious appetizers and salads, to their bajan inspired soups, delectable entrees and mouthwatering desserts your dining experience is one to be enjoyed in a colorful and festive atmosphere.

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Stuffed Christophene with chicken, bell peppers, onion and roasted corn, baked in a light tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese

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Brown Sugar & Tamarind Glazed Flank Steak topped with crispy fried onion & green peppercorn jus

Be sure to stop by the concierge desk on check in and book your dinner reservation to experience this authentic Barbados resort with the one you love. After all, you are in paradise in Barbados.