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Plunge into Dunn's River Falls at Couples Tower Isle & Couples Sans Souci Resort

If youíre an adventurer and looking to get the most out of your Caribbean vacation, then be sure to take the plunge into one of our many all inclusive vacation deals, the Dunnís River Falls Tour at Couples Tower Isle and Couples Sans Souci Resort. On this three-hour hike to the top of the falls, you will encounter many lagoons, with some rushing waters and lush vegetation that are sure to make for some great photography. The accomplishment you feel when reaching the top at approximately 600 feet will be everlasting and unforgettable.

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At Couples Resorts we love to offer all inclusive trips for your enjoyment and Dunnís River Falls is one that is sure not be missed during your stay. What would cost most individuals $160, the cost to you is nothing. So grab your guests and jump on the bus from either locations at Couples Tower Isle or Couples Sans Souci Resort where you will be taken directly to the falls to meet your tour guide. The hike is relatively easy with only a few challenging obstacles in which you will hold hands in a human chain lead by your Dunnís River tour guides. But donít let this alarm you; everyone will be able to enjoy a warm dip in the Caribbean Sea upon completion of the hike. Are you ready to strap on those hiking shoes and witness one of the most favorite tourist to-dos in beautiful Jamaica?

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