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Interview with Diane Pollard, President of Issa Trust Foundation

Have you ever wondered how you could give back to society or how beneficial doing such an act of service is to you? Giving back to a community not only gives you an improved sense of well-being, but in addition can serve to enhance your knowledge of social injustices that exist in our world today.

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The Issa Trust Foundation was established in 2005 to provide pediatric and educational care to children born under less than desirable circumstances throughout rural Jamaica. This nonprofit organization is dedicated to the health and well being of children on the island; it is composed of volunteer medical teams from Philadelphia and Iowa who offer pediatric care with supplies and support from other organizations. They also provide educational and pediatric assistance to children in need at no cost to the families.

The Issa Trust Foundation was founded by the Issa family, owners of Couple Resorts. The mission of the foundation is to provide a system of community health improvement, prevention, education and other services that promote the well-being and development of the people of Jamaica.

Offering a continuum of health care to infants, children, adolescents and adults - the urgent concerns such as infant mortality, prenatal care and nutrition are addressed. The foundation has also managed to partner with local and international organizations in contributing to pediatric care, education and in the protection and preservation of the priceless natural resources of Jamaica.

Highlights of some of their accomplishments:

  • Donated over US$1 million in medical equipment to local hospitals and health centers.
  • Partnered with Global Healing to develop an innovative pediatric rotation program providing educational training for local doctors. It is estimated during the five-year program (2010-2015) over 20,000 children will be treated.
  • Created the Pediatric Education Program that trains 40 doctors and 60 nurses every year.
  • Partnered with Connexin Software, Inc to establish the first database of Jamaican children - documenting height, weight, labs and common diagnoses to establish the efficacy of current healthcare efforts and predict future needs.
  • Mobilized hundreds of volunteers annually to reach out to parish communities across the island with critical health care and nutritional support.
  • Worked with local and international environmental agencies to help preserve coral reefs, rivers and beaches.
  • Provided hundreds of children with specialized training, school supplies, backpacks, desks and chairs to help them reach their potential.

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The Issa Trust Foundation has accomplished a lot and is an integral organization to Couples Resorts and surrounding communities. President Diane Pollard notes, “Our work continues to expand and become more ambitious but it continues to be possible ONLY because of the tremendous support of our contributors and volunteers.” She also noted that the Issa Trust Foundation is very grateful for the support and with persons depending on them; they in turn depend on you. The Issa Trust Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation and all donations are tax deductible in the United States. Watch in the video below as Diane Pollard delves into details about the foundation.