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  1. Romantic Holiday Gift Ideas: Quality Time

    Hello Couples family,

    Happy holidays!

    To me, this really is the most wonderful time of the year. Cliche as it may be, I am one happy camper come Christmastime. The music, sweets, holiday movies, and lights get me every time. I also especially love the giving nature of the holidays to spend time finding that perfect gift for that perfect someone... one that is sentimental and personal, regardless of cost. I especially love to give gifts that are usually centered around ...
  2. Couple's First Christmas

    With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays just a few short weeks ahead, I am excitedly preparing for our first Christmas as "Mr. and Mrs.". I grew up in a family big on traditions. In fact, we always spend Thanksgiving evening in the family room watching a Christmas movie after the large feast, and arise the next morning to promptly put up all our lights and decorations.

    Now that I have a new, smaller immediate family with just Bryan and I, I've started to ponder what traditions ...
  3. Jamaican Me Crazy with Thankfulness

    Hi Couples family!

    This week, our U.S. friends celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. And while not all of the wonderful Couples's guests are from America, each country has similar holidays in which we reflect on our lives, count our blessings and enjoy quality time with loved ones. An introspective holiday, this year specifically has been quite a growing year for me. I was married just a little over nine months ago to the love of my life, two days later I experienced the loss of my ...
  4. Playing = Staying Part 3: Couples Negril Game Room

    Hello again, Couples family...

    I'm back this week to talk about various ways we can enhance our relationships in our current series, "Playing = Staying", where Couples who play together, stay together.

    Over the past few weeks we have explored the adventures of Dunn's River Falls and the water trampoline at Couples Tower Isle, and this week, we are going to take a look at the game room and surrounding area at the beautiful Couples Negril.

    Whenever Bryan ...
  5. What's in a CRO?

    Hello Couples family,

    In an effort to fully embrace the role as CRO and be the best resource possible for this incredible community, I will be publishing weekly blog posts of content for the Couples loyalists. As you will see in the video below (and please, don't judge me too much, being on camera is quite strange when you aren't used to it - but here's hoping I'll get the hang of it sooner rather than later! ) I am looking for recommendations on the types of things you'd like to ...
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