My wife really likes romantic surprises. Ten years ago on our 20th anniversary I asked her if she wanted to help plan our 20th anniversary or whether she wanted me to handle it. She said she would appreciate it if I made the arrangements. I'm sure she thought I was thinking of booking a hotel room in a nearby city and booking a baby sitter. I had a different idea. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion that CSA was the place for us to go (this was before it was part of couples). I arranged for a family friend to baby sit and called my wife's employer to get her vacation arranged for the period. A couple of days before the trip the family friend and I let her in on the destination. Neither of us had ever been to the Caribbean before and it was the trip of our lives!

A couple of years later we decided to go back and were upgraded by Couples to a beachfront room. We had a fantastic time.

Well paying for two kid's college takes it's toll on our budget and it was six years before we could get back. That was last March. I did book a private dinner on the beach, but my surprise was spoiled when my wife came around a week before the trip and asked if I had seen the option for a private dinner. I'm terrible at lying and had to confess that I'd already booked it. The trip was also marred by the fact that weather delays caused our plane flight to be a day late and I was sick for a couple of days during the trip.

That brings us to this year. We've been to CSA three times and have decided to try CN next spring. From what I've heard it is like CSA in the old days before they expanded it. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time, but it will be our 30th anniversary and I sure would like to find something special. The beach dinner is out because we did that last year. I'd love to hear any suggestions that members of this message board might have. I'm open to the idea of going off the property and doing a dinner at a really nice location. My budget for this would be generally in the 200-300 dollar range (we've still got another year of college to pay for).

All suggestions are welcome. My wife doesn't read this message board, so please fire away. Thanks in advance.