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    We spent 4 nights (not enough) at CSA - Wow is all we can say, we will absolutely be back. The service was second to NONE - best anywhere. No class of clientele, very much a resort of choice for us. The mix of people was wonderful, not all honeymoon couples. Lots of repeat clientele.
    We will be back!

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    Great! Glad so see another happy guest and hopefully another repeater! We love CSA and I agree 4 nights would seem too short. We started going for 7 nights... then moved to 10 nights... we were hoping to do 2 weeks this year but finances only allowed us to do 10 night. So maybe next year I will finally be up to 2 weeks.

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    We feel the exact same way. We always said we would never return to the same resort twice UNTIL we tried CSA. We are seriously thinking of booking it again for April 2011.

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    And the magic of Jamaica and CSA claims another.

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