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    Default Great video by Jamaica tourist board

    Couples Resorts

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    Default Very nice video

    I can get back to CTI fast enough.

    My "Happy Place".

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    Nice video! That Sarong she is wearing is a must Have!

    CTI...96 days woohoo =)

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    I loved it!!! Randy, Thanks for sharing it with us!!

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    Nice!!! razzl

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    Great video Randy. Thanks for posting!

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    Hi Randy;

    Loved the video! I went back and watched all of the other episodes as well. One thing has us puzzled though.... who is that greeting them at CTI? It isnt Byron or Kirk but he does look familiar.

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    Default video

    LOVE IT!!! 285 days until we return to CTI!

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    The video brought back great memories, but it was a little like preaching to the choir. We saw them check in, be seated for a private dinner, and stare at the island.

    The whole shopping scenes should have been sacrificed in order to show more of the things to do a CTI!

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    Only 37 days and we are on our way to CTI for the 1st time!!! Can't wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by mspretty50 View Post
    Only 37 days and we are on our way to CTI for the 1st time!!! Can't wait
    Bet it won't be your last, so only X + 37 days until you are on your way for the 2nd time!

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    Default thanks

    great video Randy, 29 more days till we arrive at CTI. it's our first time, can't wait

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