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    Default Couples massages at CSA

    I've heard great things about the spa at CSA, but do they offer couples massages on the beach?

    78 days!!


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    If they do, I've never seen it. Been there >10 times. There is a hut with gauze drapes- could be for that.

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    I have not seen Couples Massages on the beach. Maybe it could be done as a special request? It can't hurt to ask. My husband and I had our massages last Feb. in the sports facility building, across the street from the main Couples Resort. I imagine it would be difficult to move the various oils, towels, etc. to the beach, then you'd take a chance on sand sticking to your body. Interesting thought, however!

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    Hi Lindsi84,
    Couples do offer massges on the beach. I think they offered a couples massage as well on the beach. They have a hut set up with gauze drapes that Nattygirl mentioned. I can't remember the prices but all of the massages on the beach were about twice the price of the massages in the spa. So we went to the spa and had a great massage. I would be interested in hearing from someone who has had a beach massage.

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    Thanks for the input...if Karon is right, sounds like we'll be getting ours in the spa too!! Not a big deal though!!

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    The Beach Massage hut ,in our last few trips, has been usually occupied by folks sitting under it. very rare to see it used for a massage. The new spa area is awesome and Sue really enjoys it. oh you can get a couples massage in your room too, at an additional fee.


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    I thought they moved the spa. Does someone know exact location? I thought they moved it back some because on the map it looked further back. Did they do a complete renovation too?

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    The spa is in the area Feathers once was across the road. totally redone and excellent.


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