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    Default Which blocks are better for view in css?

    We will be staying at CSS in August. We have been to block B which I like but is block A better. We have a 1 bedroom suite. Thanks so much

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    A & B views would be identical

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    A31 was great...

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    While I agree that A and B have very similar views when it comes to the beach and water there are some differences.
    The far end of A overlooks a paved access road that runs toward the beach and into the area where the beach dinner is served. The road is not attractive IMO.
    B overlooks the grassy area where the Gala dinner is held.

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    We have stayed in Block A & B. We prefer Block B. We feel the view of the ocean is much better. Last trip we stayed in a Penthouse Suite. The view of the ocean was gorgeous but we couldn't see the beach. It looked out over the Mineral Pool and Ocean. We are going this December and have booked The Beachfront Suite again and are hoping Block B has available rooms.

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    A is in front of the main pool. B is in front of the grassy area where the Galas take place. Both are equal distance from the beach. We prefer B, ground floor, because we can walk right out the back door to the beach or to the Gala!

    Other blocks that are higher on the cliffs have spectacular views of the water. There really is no bad view on the property.
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