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    Default Tim Air Procedure

    For those of you who have flown from CSA to MBJ, what's the procedure? Do you take a taxi from CSA to the airstrip? Once at the airport, do you take a shuttle to the terminal? Can someone help w/the luggage from the plane to the terminal? We're considering flying Tim Air for the 1st time, so any info would be appreciated! Also, how much do you tip the pilots? Thanks so much!

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    You can make reservations for the plane or you can just ask one of the employees when you get to the Couples Lounge. We had reservations but our flight was delayed so we just asked at the lounge and they found us a van and they took us to the other air strip. When you get to the lounge they will put a tag your bag with the resort you will be going to you keep your bags at all times. They will let you know when the van gets there they will put your bags in for you. When you get to the air strip they will put your bags in the plane while you are paying for the ride.When they are ready for you they will come get you. Before you get on the plane they will check to make sure you don't have any thing on you before you get on . Hope this helps. Enjoy the ride it was very beautiful and a great experience. We arrived about an hour before the shuttle bus.

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    You need to let CSA know that you're flying, otherwise you'll be scheduled to be on the shuttle for the airport in MoBay. Knowing that you're flying on TimAir, CSA will schedule a shuttle to take you to the Negril landing strip. When you land in MoBay, your luggage will be unloaded by a TimAir employee and taken to another van, which will take you to the main terminal. We usually tip the pilot $20.
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